Thursday, May 10, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An Open Letter to Destroy Gillard & Carr At the Polls

Click on the image to enlarge and read an open letter/news ad for strategic, economic placement in small, independent local newspapers like The Ocean Grove Voice (Corangamite) and The Central Coast Grandstand (Robertson) - and various others, plus strategic distribution in flyer form.

So you think you'll get elected for a second term Bob? Really? Quote:

Yet time is running out for Carr. If you rely on Newspoll and the blood-splatter patterns from state elections in Queensland and NSW, Labor will be out of office by the end of next year. Carr rejects the analysis. "I believe it's a good government, I believe it deserves to be re-elected and I believe the alternative," he pauses, flash memory requesting an insult, "is very disturbing."
Carr thinks Labor can win. He has "a few strategies" he's keeping to himself. "Not because they're sinister," he adds, "but because they are better husbanded. I just need a bit longer to bring them to maturity as I watch the way it works down there. I'm quickly filling in big gaps in my background knowledge. I'm very conscious that every one of those colleagues at the cabinet table knows a vast hinterland that I haven't been tilling. I just hope I can add some value to the show."
. . . think again, then stamp this word across your forehead in capitals: HUBRIS