Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Schapelle Corby, Shayne Neumann MP & ALP Corruption

Dear Shayne,

Re: The incarceration of Schapelle Corby, in a Bali hell hole, due to Australian Government corruption & telling thousands of your Blair voters about the shocking criminal secrets the ALP is keeping.

Several activists distributed around 1,500 of these flyers throughout your electorate, before midday on Tuesday 15 May 2012, by simply adding around 50 prominent copies to the shelves of just over 30 news outlets in your constituency - e.g. servos, supermarkets and newsagencies.

The picture above includes the flyer, plus the appropriate Tuesday 15 May edition of The Queensland Times (surrounded by other publications), so you (and others), understand exactly what I mean.

The corporate media may control the news at the point of production, but they certainly don't control it at the point of distribution - and with thousands of Schapelle's supporters all over the country, that key point will be used (again and again), to devastating effect.

I also understand that certain high-traffic shopping precincts in your locality were on the agenda, via another low-key but completely un-missable publicity campaign.  Why bother with huge signs on walls, when economic, eye-catching stickers (in key spots within the mall), will do the trick even more efficiently?

Plus of course, the news was posted on some high-profile Ipswich Facebook pages, here and here.

And one other point Shayne?  There's even more of the same to come.

Regards, Kim

PS - And here's your current, top search results on Google images.  The questions Gillard's ignoring are pretty much in-you-face, aren't they?  And nothing to be proud of.