Thursday, May 24, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Thank You Kyle Sandilands, A Man With More Balls & Intelligence Than The Rest of The Australian Media Put Together

Listen to this very recent broadcast from The Kyle & Jackie O Show, and Kyle's refreshingly honest and intelligent comments about Schapelle, plus the high profile mention of The Expendable Project (listen from point 45.39 of that broadcast).  So here's a note to Kyle . . .

Dear Kyle,

Thanks mate, you're a complete breath of fresh air - and it's no wonder you're one of the most successful hosts on air.  Long may you reign.

The truth is coming out, nothing will stop it - and history will show you were one of the first in the Australian media with enough balls to speak his mind.

And it's no wonder some other sections of the media are going down the tubes, according the latest reports, because they trash their biggest commercial need (e.g. to sell copy, by reporting red hot breaking news), to covering up the truth.

Very warmest wishes, Kim