Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Undermining the Corruption Of Australia's Corporate Media, Repeatedly

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Just one example on Wednesday 16 May 2012 (after yesterday's and to-day's similar action).  Dozens of news outlets were targeted (in Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs - a crucial geographic area for the ALP). Here's the flyer - I believe the Open Letter is next on the agenda.

Here's the formal complaint to The Australian Press Council they very recently dismissed out of hand - and here's one reply I sent them . . .
Further Jack, will you please take a graphic message back to your newspaper cronies for me?  They may control the news at the point of production - but they certainly do NOT control it at the point of distribution, e.g. when it's sitting on the retail shelves.  That fact will be (and has been), used to devastating effect, ongoing, all over the country.  Here's the latest (15 May 2012), enjoy . . . 
Also, Shayne Neumann MP is sitting on a margin of less than 5%, so activists also have the luxury of economically targeting their efforts where it will cause the most ripples and consternation.
And here's the extended reply of another activist to The Press Council's failure to uphold normal community standards and expectations.