Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Why Bob Carr Should Make Every Thinking Australian Want to Vomit

Here's the truth about current developments that the Australian media are too dumb and corrupt to report - and here's my scathing commentary just sent to Bob Carr and his cronies . . .
Really Bob? You're already trying to claim "Credit" for a paltry reduction in Schapelle's sentence, which the media is desperately trying to spin as "Might be out by August."  Well, right now (in the aftermath of the latest developments), there are multiple threads, on many Australian Facebook pages, re Schapelle - and the link to the doco at www.expendable.tv is being repeatedly posted to all of them, plus we are reminding thousands of people that most of the Bali bombers are already free, as reported in The Herald Sun (June 2010).  
Further still, advertising re the doco is being repeatedly placed (in the powder rooms), in some of Australia's busiest shopping malls at peak times, also strategically chosen for their political sensitivity (I believe Chermside Shopping Mall is in Wayne Swan's electorate for instance, and Westfield Garden City is right on the border of Graham Perrett's electorate - I could go on, there are many more).  
I've also been told flyers are being repeatedly added to the news agents shelves (in many key locations), thus undermining the corporate media at the point of distribution. Also, the ALP have at least 8 Federal seats surrounding Brisbane that are crucial - four of them on wafer thin margins, and four you lost at the last election. And this is an unbreakable promise to you, thousands of flyers will be distributed in each of them before the next election, re your grossly corrupt decision to ignore the recently leaked evidence of Schapelle innocence (minutes of the 17 Oct 2005 NSW Crime Commission meeting).  Also, further full page news ads are coming in some of your most marginal electorates - Corangamite and Robertson for starters, which both boast small, independent local newspapers.  

And there's more . . .