Saturday, June 30, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Here's A Clear Message to Australia's Gutless & Politically Compromised Human Rights Organisations

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Schapelle’s case is shockingly political.  It exposes both the phony “War on Terror” and the phony “War on Drugs” (not to mention Government corruption at the highest levels, and blatant discrimination against an Australian citizen), yet not one leading human rights organisation within Australia has the guts (or the wherewithal), to speak out.  This is in stark contrast with their outspoken (and completely right), support of Julian Assange, David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib. 
Schapelle’s far more “Dangerous” to the powers-that-be than any of these three characters, because most Aussies don’t identify with them.  They’re not “Ordinary,” but she could be the girl next door, and she was royally shafted by her own Government.  Let’s face it, it’s not entirely common to travel into a war zone and train with foreign soldiers (and yes, I have read David Hicks book - his treatment was a stain on humanity), but a holiday to Bali is a quite different matter.  It could have been any of us.  We’re far more likely to hop on a plane to this holiday destination, than set up a web site dedicated to exposing Governments - as for Habib, he’s not white.  That’s not something I hold against him, or something that should make any difference - but politicians understand gutter prejudice better than any other players I could mention.
Let’s get this straight, Schapelle was destroyed to hide the fact little Johnny Howard didn’t give a flying f*ck about airport security, or stopping the flow of illicit drugs into Australia (or between domestic airports for that matter) - all little Johnny cared about was maximising the profits of his mate Max Moore-Wilton, and all his other cronies at Macquarie Bank (owners of the privatised Sydney Airport Corporation).  Senior customs officer Allan Kessing made this fact blatantly clear, which is why he was royally shafted by the Howard Government too.
So here’s a message to these “Human Rights” groups.  How hard is it to understand . . .
  • All the other evidence documented at The Expendable Project proves she’s innocent too (watch the film, and access the files).
  • Dangerous Australian criminals involved in this scandal remain free, and well rewarded by the Australian Government for their silence.
So get off of your collective backsides, before history damns you to hell.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Leading Human Rights Activist Arifin Wardiyanto Vows to Fight For Her

Click on the pick to enlarge and read.  Posted to People for Schapelle 30 June 2012.

Here's the translation:
"Although I am an Asian and a Muslim, but I did not like the discrimination, then I would advocate Corby should sacrifice even my life. Corby case I think is SERIOUS BREACH OF HAM ...."
Here's what "HAM" means in Indonesian and here's Mr. Wardiyanto's detailed letter.

And here's Mr. Wardiyanto's Facebook page.

Some background on this famous activist HERE

Leading Indonesian Human Rights Activist Arifin Wardiyanto Backs Schapelle Corby

Link to his 11 June 2012 fact-filled letter HERE

Some background on this famous activist HERE

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Schapelle Corby & President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's Visit to Darwin

Click on the above screen grab to read comments posted to several large Darwin/Northern Territory Facebook pages to-day (covering the marginal Federal seats Lingiari and Solomon).  And here's a "Letter to the Editor" just emailed to 100's of local newspapers, all over Australia:


Here (98 words):

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is in Darwin this week.  Maybe he can explain why Bali bomb terrorist Umar Patek, who helped slaughter over 200 people, only got 20 years when he was sentenced a few days ago.  Schapelle got the same for allegedly importing 4.2 kilos of marijuana into Bali, in 2004.  Maybe Julia Gillard can ask him, if she’s not too gutless to represent Aussies? I doubt it though, she’s still sending millions of our hard-earned tax dollars to this terror playground, to fund their schools, while ours (according to the latest reports), are neglected. 

From:  (full name & contact details supplied)

Here's some background information, confirming the above:

SBY's visit to Darwin on the 2nd to 4th July 2012:

Umar Patek's recent 20 year sentence:

Schapelle's 20 year sentence in 2004:

Gillard spends $500 million on Indonesian schools:

Australian schools in disrepair, latest report:

Schapelle's highly discriminatory sentencing:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Getting The Message Out On Twitter

I've just found this search engine re social media conversations on specific subjects - so I've just replied to all the un-informed tweets I found in relation to Schapelle with this message:
New doco re the Sydney Airport crime & corruption that jailed Schapelle at
. . . and I'll continue to do that every day, with each new tweet that appears.  Here's the latest Twitter stats:     
  • Twitter has 225,000,000 users
  • 100 million of these users are logging in at least once a month, 50 million are logging in every day
  • 190,000,000 tweets are sent on average per day
  • 1 billion tweets were sent every five days in 2011
  • The record is 25,088 tweets per second (when Castle in the Sky was broadcast in Japan)
  • A great majority of tweets are just 40 characters long
  • The average user has 115 followers
  • Lady Gaga is the most followed person on Twitter with over 17.8M followrs
  • 40% of Twitter users don’t tweet, but instead use it to keep up to date
  • 55% access Twitter via mobile
  • Twitter handles 1.6 billion queries per day
  • Nearly 500,000 users are added each day
  • About 21% of Indonesians are on Twitter, making them the most Twitter-addicted nation
  • Japan is the only country where Twitter is more popular than Facebook

Monday, June 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Aussies Tell Indonesia To Stick Their Tourist Destination Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

Click on the image above to enlarge & read.

Canberra Times letters here (26 June 2012).

Coming flyer and half page news ad here (for Australia's most marginal federal electorates).

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Gillard & Carr Are Too Cowardly To Compare Umar Patek's Sentence With Schapelle's

(Click on the above image to enlarge & read a new flyer - and half page news ads in small, independent local papers like The Ocean Grove Voice in Darren Cheeseman's area, and The Coast Community News in Debra O'Neill's seat).

. . . and that will be made perfectly clear to the Australian people in their most marginal seats, starting with these eight electorates in and around Brisbane.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Crocodile Tears of Michelle Grattan, The Sydney Morning Herald & Fairfax

Make no mistake, SMH journalist Michelle Grattan would slice, dice and burn Lindy Chamberlain at the stake all over again (in similar circumstances), she's only constrained by the change in fashion.  It's no longer "The done thing."  Her crocodile tears make any thinking person want to puke, as she continues to lie about Schapelle in her latest article - and point blank refuses to report the hard evidence of her innocence, or apologise for the rank dishonesty and smears publicised as "Truth" by the rag she works for.

But the real truth will win, and Fairfax will continue it's slide into commercial disaster.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Bob Ellis Says She's Innocent

Bob Ellis's blog post here, and my previous commentary about this.

The Truth About The Insider Corruption That Jailed Schapelle Corby In Staff Tea Rooms Up & Down the Country

Click on the image to enlarge & read.
You can buy a packet of 20 blank magnets at Office Works for just over $10, as shown here.
And then you can use this ready made format to print them at home. And maybe you can give your spare magnets to friends & rellies, for themselves, or to use at their own workplace.
This info was also posted to People for Schapelle, and added to the regularly referenced activist resources.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Big Thank You to Bob Ellis, A Decent Human Being

Here's some background on Bob, and here's his recent blog post that mentions Schapelle, and here's my reply, which he published . . . (embellished here with background links for further info) . . .

Bob, re your reference to Schapelle, has it escaped your notice that Carr and Gillard are running away (as fast as their legs will carry them), from the cast iron evidence of her innocence, exposed in the new doco at ? And further, since that film was put together, recently leaked minutes of a 17 October 2005 NSW Crime Commission Meeting prove it even further (they discussed listening device evidence which clearly pointed to corrupt airport insiders, but this was supressed). And New Idea women’s magazine recently printed all this info (circulation 1.2 million), including the link to movie – which was also talked about on Channel 10 (prime time news), and given air-time by top rating radio DJ Kyle Sandilands. And my local rag (The Jimboomba Times, circulation 20,000), has also reported all this (their area includes parts of the crucial seat of Forde), as did The Gold Coast Bulletin (Forde again). Further still, thousands of supporters are running off thousands of flyers all over the country – and I’ve identified several small, independent local newspapers in absolutely key Federal seats, and full page news ads (re this explosive new evidence), are in the pipeline. We’re also planning huge, graphic banners for some of the busiest motoring and tourist spots in Australia, plus hundreds of her supporters are already armed with home made business cards (for friends, rellies and colleagues), advertising the doco. There’s also bumper stickers, and (from what I’ve heard), sticky labels in the ladies powder rooms, in some of Australia’s busiest shopping malls, at peak times. To top it off, one of Australia’s leading film directors is planning a further movie, exposing the cover-up. So all in all Bob, the clock’s ticking – and it’s well time past for a few corrupt bastards to take their medicine, because NOTHING will stop this tide. Regards, Kim (Registered Nurse, mum of three and grandmother of one).

Monday, June 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby - New Idea Magazine Prints A Letter From Suzann Koina, Schapelle Supporter, Debunking The Smears: 11 June 2012

Click on the image to enlarge & read.

Suzann's letter is here. Well done Suzann!!!

The circulation of New Idea is over 1.2 million

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Paul Holmes, New Zealand Herald Columnist, Casts Major Doubt on Schapelle's Conviction, May 2012

Hi Paul,

First, here's wishing you a very speedy recovery, and second, huge thanks for your downright sanity and common sense in this article about Schapelle, in New Zealand's leading newspaper.

You're dead right about the fishy circumstances of her conviction, watch the new documentary for even more background - and this short clip blows the whistle on the recently leaked minutes of a 17 October 2005 New South Wales Crime Commission meeting, which proves her innocence beyond a shred of doubt.  Even Australia's New Idea magazine has just reported that news.

So get well soon mate.

All the best, Kim

Friday, June 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Dickheads at ABC Australia Exposed

Dear Mark,

Do you have any insight into how badly you're damaging the credibility of Australia's national broadcaster? No? Let me give you a little peek into your trail of devastation . . .
  • New Idea has just exposed you to over 1.2 million Australian women.
  • One of Australia's leading movie directors is doing a film that will expose you even further.
Meanwhile, you're like a little bunny caught in the headlights, far too terrified to critique the material, because the evidence is concrete and overwhelming - and just by drawing attention to it (in any way), you damn yourselves.

Regards, Kim

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Schapelle Cory - An Open Letter To Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, Your Tourist Industry Is On The Line

Dear Minister Natalegawa,
You are a well educated and intelligent man, so it surprises me greatly you are continuing to hold a truly bizarre stance re Schapelle Corby (e.g. point blank refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of her innocence), whilst bowing and scraping to Australia, and that Government’s huge need to cover-up the internal corruption that framed an innocent woman.  You also seem quite uninterested in catching the real (high level), perpertrators of this crime, plus the massive implications this has for aviation security.
Soon, this will have very big consequences for Bali tourism - as Australia’s Channel 10 has already exposed the truth on prime time television, as has hugely popular radio host Kyle Sandilands, plus the massively selling women’s magazine New Idea has printed the facts, then The Gold Coast Bulletin spilled the beans, followed by The Jimboomba Times.  There’s also a continuing flyer campaign, a Facebook campaign - and on-going advertising in some of Australia’s busiest shopping malls, at peak times (in the powder rooms), plus some more full-page news ads are planned.  Also, a new, professionally produced film is in development, by one of Australia’s leading movie directors.
As for myself, I’m a professionally qualified woman on a reasonable income, my husband has a full-time job with the Government, and all my children work (and we travel widely) - but I would never, ever consider visiting Indonesia, and I repeatedly warn all my friends, relatives and colleagues against going as well.  Why?  Because, even though I have never had anything to do with illegal drugs in my life, and there is not a shred of evidence linking me to illegal drugs, if drugs were found in my luggage when I turned up at your borders (after those bags had been out of my personal care and control for many hours), I could be convicted and sentenced to a horrific penalty (far harsher than anything given to your own countrymen), without a shred of evidence confirming I had anything to do with them.  Why an earth should I risk that, or allow anyone I love to risk that?  There are many more equally beautiful and interesting destinations, minus that terrible risk.  My heart would be pumping in fear as soon as I stepped off of the plane.
Further, if you are deliberately ignoring corrupt airport staff who use innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules, who knows what they might decide to stick in my luggage next?  A bomb, for the right price?  Do you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster?
You country convicted Schapelle, in order to cover up Australian airport crime, despite knowing:
  • There is NO flow of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali (as confirmed by Australian Customs) - and there never has been, because given the massive price differential (as documented by the United Nations), it’s economically insane.  She is the ONLY person, in the entire history of your nation, convicted of this particular crime.  You’d have to be deliberately blind not to “Notice” that, wouldn’t you?
How an earth can you keep an innocent, mentally ill young woman locked up in your country, after that? Don’t you care about catching the real criminals?  Don’t you care about your country’s reputation?  Don’t you care about the implications for aviation security? Or are you more concerned with bowing to extremely corrupt elements within the Australian Government?
Mr. Natalegawa, it’s time to show you are a fair and just man, with a keen interest in finding the guilty (who have so far escaped justice), and not in the pocket of a foreign Government who is keen to see one of their own citizens locked up to hide their own corruption.
Please watch the film exposing all this (and more), at

Warmest regards, Kim

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Shaun Micallef Is As Mad As Hell He's Too Gutless To Face The Truth

Here's Micallef's Facebook page.  I was banned for pointing out Shaun doesn't have the guts to interview a real Schapelle supporter (unlike his recent sick skit, portraying women who object to the unjust incarceration of an innocent woman as dumb broads) - and posting this link to my phone call to ABC Australia about their gross censorship of salient facts, plus their large payment to the criminal who was meant to pick up the marijuana from Sydney Airport, the same stash that accidentally ended up winging its way to Bali in the bag of an innocent woman.

I also mentioned (when the programme asked for subject ideas), that maybe we should lock Shaun up in a foreign hell hole for 20 years, for a crime he didn't commit, and then come back 8 years later when he's suicidal, and take the piss out of him on national TV.  Can't imagine why, but I guess Shaun didn't think that was hilarious . . .

Anyway Shaun, here's an open and ongoing offer for you (I'll email you my contact details), interview a real Schapelle supporter.  Though I guess that's very unlikely, you're not exactly a cutting edge comedian are you, more like a safe, bland Government toady . . . the likes of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin wouldn't have survived two seconds on ABC Australia, it's the same disease that causes most Australians to view journalists in this country with complete contempt.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Three Weirdos, ABC Australia, Allen & Unwin & Eamonn Duff, Disappear Down The Rabbit Hole

New key interview here, debunking the fantasy life of Eamonn Duff, plus his weird friends at Allen & Unwin and ABC Australia.

Therefore it's hardly surprising that (according to the latest Australian surveys), journalists/presstitutes rank lower than sex workers . . .

Least Trusted Professions are:
33. Lawyers
34. Bankers
35. Council Workers
36. Tow truck drivers
37. CEOs
38. Celebrities
39. Sex workers
40. Journalists
41. Taxi drivers
42. Real estate agents
43. Car salesmen
44. Politicians
45. Telemarketers

. . . and Fairfax is disappearing down the tubes.

Schapelle Corby - Thank You New Idea Magazine For Spilling The Beans on The Corruption That Jailed An Innocent Woman

Click on the pics above to enlarge and read the article in the 28 May 2012 edition of New Idea Magazine, which published the direct link to the new documentary at - as well as exposing the startling new evidence of her innocence, from the leaked minutes of a 17 October 2005 NSW Crime Commission meeting.

New Idea has a readership of well over 1.2 million Australian women.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Fairfax et al Trashed By Facebook

Click on the image to enlarge and read to-day's screen grab of a well-subscribed (123,000), Australian Facebook page.

Every couple of hours or so, I click open five new Australian Facebook pages from this ever growing list, and copy/paste one of these varied short headlines.  Considering the huge penetration of Facebook within the Australian population (and considering I'm not the only activist doing this), it kinda makes a mockery of the digital dinosaurs at Fairfax et al - you know, the ones who think they can "Keep secrets" by simply not reporting stuff in this day and age . . . No wonder they're going down the tubes.

Schapelle Corby, The Jimboomba Times & The Federal Electorate of Forde

Click on the image above to enlarge & read.  An article from the Wednesday 30 May 2012 edition of The Jimboomba Times that totally spills the beans on the corruption that jailed an innocent woman (so here's a big, warm thank you to the newspaper for a job well done). Here's a link to their site, as you can see they have a circulation of over 20,000 - including the outer Brisbane suburbs of Greenbank and Park Ridge, which are in the knife-edge Federal electorate of Forde, which was also targeted a few days ago with flyers.

So here's a very big hint to all the other activists out there, arrange a locally news worthy event, and then get on the blower to your local newspaper . . .