Friday, June 15, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Big Thank You to Bob Ellis, A Decent Human Being

Here's some background on Bob, and here's his recent blog post that mentions Schapelle, and here's my reply, which he published . . . (embellished here with background links for further info) . . .

Bob, re your reference to Schapelle, has it escaped your notice that Carr and Gillard are running away (as fast as their legs will carry them), from the cast iron evidence of her innocence, exposed in the new doco at ? And further, since that film was put together, recently leaked minutes of a 17 October 2005 NSW Crime Commission Meeting prove it even further (they discussed listening device evidence which clearly pointed to corrupt airport insiders, but this was supressed). And New Idea women’s magazine recently printed all this info (circulation 1.2 million), including the link to movie – which was also talked about on Channel 10 (prime time news), and given air-time by top rating radio DJ Kyle Sandilands. And my local rag (The Jimboomba Times, circulation 20,000), has also reported all this (their area includes parts of the crucial seat of Forde), as did The Gold Coast Bulletin (Forde again). Further still, thousands of supporters are running off thousands of flyers all over the country – and I’ve identified several small, independent local newspapers in absolutely key Federal seats, and full page news ads (re this explosive new evidence), are in the pipeline. We’re also planning huge, graphic banners for some of the busiest motoring and tourist spots in Australia, plus hundreds of her supporters are already armed with home made business cards (for friends, rellies and colleagues), advertising the doco. There’s also bumper stickers, and (from what I’ve heard), sticky labels in the ladies powder rooms, in some of Australia’s busiest shopping malls, at peak times. To top it off, one of Australia’s leading film directors is planning a further movie, exposing the cover-up. So all in all Bob, the clock’s ticking – and it’s well time past for a few corrupt bastards to take their medicine, because NOTHING will stop this tide. Regards, Kim (Registered Nurse, mum of three and grandmother of one).