Thursday, June 7, 2012

Schapelle Cory - An Open Letter To Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, Your Tourist Industry Is On The Line

Dear Minister Natalegawa,
You are a well educated and intelligent man, so it surprises me greatly you are continuing to hold a truly bizarre stance re Schapelle Corby (e.g. point blank refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence of her innocence), whilst bowing and scraping to Australia, and that Government’s huge need to cover-up the internal corruption that framed an innocent woman.  You also seem quite uninterested in catching the real (high level), perpertrators of this crime, plus the massive implications this has for aviation security.
Soon, this will have very big consequences for Bali tourism - as Australia’s Channel 10 has already exposed the truth on prime time television, as has hugely popular radio host Kyle Sandilands, plus the massively selling women’s magazine New Idea has printed the facts, then The Gold Coast Bulletin spilled the beans, followed by The Jimboomba Times.  There’s also a continuing flyer campaign, a Facebook campaign - and on-going advertising in some of Australia’s busiest shopping malls, at peak times (in the powder rooms), plus some more full-page news ads are planned.  Also, a new, professionally produced film is in development, by one of Australia’s leading movie directors.
As for myself, I’m a professionally qualified woman on a reasonable income, my husband has a full-time job with the Government, and all my children work (and we travel widely) - but I would never, ever consider visiting Indonesia, and I repeatedly warn all my friends, relatives and colleagues against going as well.  Why?  Because, even though I have never had anything to do with illegal drugs in my life, and there is not a shred of evidence linking me to illegal drugs, if drugs were found in my luggage when I turned up at your borders (after those bags had been out of my personal care and control for many hours), I could be convicted and sentenced to a horrific penalty (far harsher than anything given to your own countrymen), without a shred of evidence confirming I had anything to do with them.  Why an earth should I risk that, or allow anyone I love to risk that?  There are many more equally beautiful and interesting destinations, minus that terrible risk.  My heart would be pumping in fear as soon as I stepped off of the plane.
Further, if you are deliberately ignoring corrupt airport staff who use innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules, who knows what they might decide to stick in my luggage next?  A bomb, for the right price?  Do you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster?
You country convicted Schapelle, in order to cover up Australian airport crime, despite knowing:
  • There is NO flow of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali (as confirmed by Australian Customs) - and there never has been, because given the massive price differential (as documented by the United Nations), it’s economically insane.  She is the ONLY person, in the entire history of your nation, convicted of this particular crime.  You’d have to be deliberately blind not to “Notice” that, wouldn’t you?
How an earth can you keep an innocent, mentally ill young woman locked up in your country, after that? Don’t you care about catching the real criminals?  Don’t you care about your country’s reputation?  Don’t you care about the implications for aviation security? Or are you more concerned with bowing to extremely corrupt elements within the Australian Government?
Mr. Natalegawa, it’s time to show you are a fair and just man, with a keen interest in finding the guilty (who have so far escaped justice), and not in the pocket of a foreign Government who is keen to see one of their own citizens locked up to hide their own corruption.
Please watch the film exposing all this (and more), at

Warmest regards, Kim