Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Indonesian Terrorist Umar Patek: The Shocking Comparison

In 2005 Australian woman Schapelle Corby was given a 20 year sentence by a Bali judge for allegedly smuggling 4.2 kilos of marijuana into the Indonesian island, from Australia.

In 2012, Indonesian terrorist Umar Patek was given a 20 year sentence for helping to murder over 200 people (including 88 Australians), in the 2002 Bali bombing.
Has the World gone mad? Also remembering (of course), that most of Patek's co-conspirators are already free.
Here's the documentary about the Australian airport corruption that condemned an innocent woman, plus some new evidence that came to light just after it was released.
Here's info about the massively severe sentence Schapelle received, compared to the lenient stretches handed out to Indonesians for similar (or much worse), drug offences.
Here's info about the corrupt and unfair trial Schapelle got. The Indonesian court demanded she had to prove her innocence, as shown in Judge Sirait's bizarre statements, which completely trashed every known standard of criminal justice. He then went on refuse forensic testing of the physical evidence (after gross mishandling by the court), and ordered it's destruction by fire, so it could never be introduced into a further appeal - despite expert testimony that plant material can be successfully be tested, even years later.
The only "Evidence" against Schapelle (used in her conviction), was the uncorroborated word of police and customs officers - otherwise known as "Verballing." They didn't even speak English, refused to weigh her luggage on arrival (to compare it with her check-in weight), and trashed every frame of CCTV relating to her arrest and interrogation - despite the fact there is no flow of of marijuana FROM Australia, TOBali, and there never has been (for very obvious economic reasons). This is also confirmed by Australian Customs and numerous press reports.
Schapelle's sentence was also 6 years longer than the term imposed on Indonesian terrorists who helped to de-capitate three children on their way to school, and 5 years longer than the term imposed on the Bali robber who murdered a young Australian woman with 37 deep knife wounds - and 16 years longer than the penalty given to a drug-dealing Bali jail boss.