Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby: Indonesia's Softness on Terror Horror Exposed

Let's get this clear, I have a very low view of all politicians in Australia, including the Greens, because they're no more than puppets on a stage, moving and acting within a set paradigm.  They're controlled by far greater forces - which is not to say they receive direct orders (though some might).  It's more like knowing where the boundaries are, and why not to step over them.
And the "Far greater forces"? I think Paul Grignon explains it very well in his animation Money as Debt, and British comedian Robert Newman takes a darkly humorous look at the true schisms underlying our Global rivalries in The History of Oil.  So in other words, if you want to know what's really going in the World, follow the money trail, and follow the energy trail.  Naomi Klein also did an excellent write up of these ruthless corporate/banking/business psychopaths in her book The Shock Doctrine.  Nasty stuff.
However, pollies aren't silly.  It's not wise to openly support a few rich b****ds, and it's even wiser to give the appearance you oppose them.  People are also more easily controlled if you can get them fighting amongst themselves and blaming each other - hence the dog whistle and wrapping yourself in the flag.  They're devices which have powerful psychological roots, explained at length by the likes of Wilhelm Reich in The Mass Psychology of Fascism.  However, these manoeuvres can backfire against those with money and power, as they did when a huge number of Aussies were very, very angry with Indonesia for Schapelle's 20 year sentence.  That was not in the interests of the billions corporate Australia had (and still has), invested in that country.  It was just after that we saw the manufactured white powder incident (demonising Schapelle's supporters), plus the media witch burning of an innocent woman.

Those on the Left were encouraged to view supporting Schapelle as "Racist" - and those on Right were coached to see her as a "Druggie." Meanwhile an innocent woman drowns in the middle.
Now, to get to the point.  The corporate Aussie media was extremely muted on the paltry 20 year sentence given to Indonesian terrorist Umar Patek for murdering 200+ people - content to let it pass after one or two outraged news articles.  They also cringed at comparing it to Schapelle's 20 year term for 4.2 kilos of marijuana (apart from a couple of press letters).  Why? Because despite all the rhetoric about "National pride" when it suits them, this kind of thing is REALLY bad for business.
In other words, using "Nationalism" to control and manipulate people is very much like holding a tiger by the tail, you don't know when it's going to turn around and eat you for lunch.  It's a very fine balancing act.  So Schapelle's supporters are tipping the scales - big time, and this is how.  Firstly, by using the net continuously (a huge player, as big as the corporate media, as that ageing behemoth goes down the gurgler).
It's very easy to search Twitter and Facebook daily for references to:
Bali bomb
Bali Bomber
Bali bombing
And send this in reply:
Shocking Aussie comparison on Bali bombers recent 20 year term
Plus news ads and thousands of flyers like this will be (at the appropriate times), distributed in key seats.  That's not too expensive either, because research shows quite a few shockingly marginal electorates are serviced by small, completely independent local newspapers.
To summarise, David didn't kill Goliath by brute force - he killed him with a well-aimed shot in a vital spot.  So here's a message to the elites in both Australia and Indonesia (who probably have more in common with each other than their own people), we're sick of you screwing over ordinary, vulnerable citizens - and we're about to re-dress the scales in some small way.