Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Is Bob Carr Silent To Protect Macquarie Bank?

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Dear Bob,

You know damn well Schapelle's innocent, as the evidence in this explosive new documentary proves it, as well as the newly leaked evidence contained in the minutes of a 17 October 2005 New South Wales Crime Commission meeting - yet you're doing NOTHING.  Why?

I've phoned your office, and sent you multiple emails and faxes - as have many others.

Your very close relationship with Macquarie Bank, owners of Sydney Airport Corporation is well documented - as are accusations they deliberately stinted on aviation security at the time of Schapelle's arrest to save money.  Though I note the Australian Government chose to shoot the messenger.

I also note the gross corruption evident at Sydney Airport during the term of the New South Wales ALP State Government.  I guess it's not everyday criminal QANTAS baggage handlers get $1.6 million (also documented here), to shut the hell up about corrupt police? Or maybe it is? Who knows?

So I think the public need to judge the facts.  That's why, on a regular basis, I'm searching Twitter (and Facebook), conversations for mentions of your name, and sending this comment in reply, linking to this blog post:

Bob Carr: Is he corrupt?