Friday, July 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Letter to Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr Re Macquarie Bank

Click on the image to enlarge & read. Addit: Here's another & another large re-tweet of the info exposing Macquarie Bank (while a leading investor asks: Is Mac Bank another Enron?)

Hi Bob,

I guess Macquarie Bank's a nice little earner for you and your pollie mates, and vice versa. Mac Bank also did extremely well out of you when you were State Premier of New South Wales, Australia.

Now, I began working in a large, Victorian built asylum on the outskirts of London just after my 18th birthday, and I'm still at it nearly 35 years later, a Registered Nurse looking after the acutely mentally ill.  All that experience has taught me a thing or two - and in helping people face their demons, I've learnt a key point: Where there's fear, there's power.  In other words, identify their biggest fear, and the kindly find the most effective starting point for therapeutic change - while sadly, abusers the World over use that knowledge to exert control.

Now, I don't feel "Kindly" towards you and your rich cronies - and I've identified your biggest fear, EXPOSURE.  So expect it daily, and in ever increasing doses.

Almost every day, there's a new story breaking on airport security.  Just recently, the tale of cheeky schoolboy Liam Corcoran was buzzing all over Twitter (and every where else for that matter), after he sneaked on to a flight to Rome (from the UK), with no paperwork.  So I replied to dozens of Twitter mentions with these pithy words:

Aviation security slashed? Airport-owning Macquarie Bank accused of dangerous cost-cutting

As you can see from the image posted at the top of this page, I sparked quite a bit of interest and people were keen to spread the word.  That will NOT stop every single day an innocent remains in hellCapiche?