Thursday, July 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Macquarie Bank Accused of Slashing Aviation Security to Save Money

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In 2004 when Schapelle flew to Bali from Sydney Airport, Australia, Sydney Airport Corporation was owned by Macquarie Bank.

She flew on the 8 October 2004, the same day a Director of Macquarie Bank, Ian Robert Chalmers, was importing millions of dollars worth of drugs into the country, using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules.  Chalmers also played a pivotal role in purchasing Sydney Airport for Macquarie.

He was aided by QANTAS baggage handlers with extensive criminal records - such as Tom (more background on "Tom" here).  Porters such as Norman Niass and Easton Barrington James also had chronic forensic histories - and the QANTAS security manager at the time, Alan Conwell, had known criminal connections.

This was also the day every single frame of security footage from Sydney Airport vanished without explanation.

Against this background, senior customs officer Allen Kessing directly accused Sydney Airport Corporation of making extremely dangerous savings in aviation security measures to increase their bottom line - but he was heavily victimised for his brave stand.

However, in 2012 a damning documentary has emerged, exploding shocking evidence of the serious security failures and neglect (that condemned this innocent woman to hell), all over the Globe, with further key leaks occurring just after it went to air.