Monday, July 2, 2012

Schapelle Corby, Melinda Taylor & Bob Carr

Click on the picture above to read Bob Carr's latest literary offering on his blog, and here's the reply he'll never publish (so I'm now searching Twitter & Facebook for all references to Melinda, and posting this link to the authors) . . .

I’m very glad Melinda’s was released Bob, it must be a great relief to her family. But what about getting Schapelle home from an Indonesian hell hole for a crime she didn’t commit?  I guess Melinda’s experience wasn’t pleasant, but Schapelle’s has been a damn sight worse, considering her 20 year sentence.
Though I guess it’s a bit embarassing for you (isn’t it), when an Australian state Labour Government rewards a dangerous criminal (working as a Sydney Airport QANTAS baggage handler on the day/hour Schapelle flew), with nearly $1.6 million of public money to shut the hell up about corrupt police.  Then of course, let’s not forget the 200 kilos of cocaine these crooked workers imported into Australia in 2004 (using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules), without doing any time for it.
Is that why you’re slimily avoiding the newly leaked direct evidence of her innocence, even though you’ve been confronted with it many times? As well as all the other evidence documented at The Expendable Project?
How much longer can you run Bob, considering what I just wrote to the recent apologist for Indonesian savagery Yasmi Adriansyah?