Saturday, July 14, 2012

Schapelle Corby: An Open Letter to Amnesty Australia

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Dear Anthony,
As this explosive documentary (and recently leaked police minutes), prove, Schapelle's innocent and the victim of systemic Australian airport corruption - which Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is refusing to acknowledge.  Here's my recent phone call to Carr's office - and here's graphic info on appalling discrimination against an Australian (by the Indonesian Government), including background on the dangerously unsafe and unfair trial she received.
I also note (much to my disgust), that Amnesty Australia has never given Schapelle a shred of support (or even a mention), despite your high profile support of Australian citizen David Hicks.  His treatment was a stain on civilised society, and your stance was entirely correct - so why the hell are you silently allowing Schapelle to die in a squalid hell hole?
Tell me Anthony, do your close business and banking relationships in the region keep you silent, considering the billions at stake in Australia's relationship with Indonesia - or is Schapelle's case far too embarrassing because it exposes both the "War on Terror" and "The War on Drugs" as shams? Ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard didn't give a damn about either, all he cared about was maximising the profits of his friend Max Moore-Wilton (and all his other cronies at Macquarie Bank), owners of the privatised Sydney Airport Corporation.  Adequate aviation security costs far too much money, and whistle-blowing Senior Customs Officer Allen Kessing made this fact blatantly clear, which is why he got shafted too.
Please also note Foreign Minister Bob Carr's close relationship with Macquarie Bank.
So to sum up Anthony, Schapelle's persecution is NOT a "Drug case," she's a political prisoner and the victim of corruption that goes to the highest levels.  Please rescue your reputation by doing something about it.