Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Some Direct Words to The Australian Lawyers Alliance

Click on the image to enlarge and read an email from The Australian Lawyers Alliance of 17 July 2012 and some other info.  Here's my reply:

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your email to-day, after I circulated this open note to Michael Mori about Schapelle.  As you can seen, it's getting pretty wide distribution.

I first wrote to your organisation (about Schapelle), almost 9 months ago, in October 2011.  But despite many phone calls and emails in the interim, I only got a written reply a few weeks ago - and the Alliance has never, at any point, advocated on her behalf or provided legal assistance.  Also, the legal "Support" Schapelle got from her homeland was so bad, it led to successful disciplinary action against the practitioners - I refer of course to Mark Trowell QC and solicitor Robin Tampoe. It's not a very good look is it, considering the exemplary and heroic help Australian citizen David Hicks received from USA lawyer Michael Mori?

It's also true your President Greg Barns was a former senior advisor to ex-Prime Minister John Howard, a politician who was at the heart of Schapelle's troubles in 2004 - and a man desperate to avoid public repercussions for poor airport security.  Howard was also good friends with Max Moore Wilton, head of the privatised Sydney Airport Corporation, which is/was owned by Macquarie Bank - and facing accusations they stinted on safety to save money.  I note Howard chose to shoot the messenger.  Current Foreign Minister Bob Carr also has a very close relationship with Macquarie.

Though I guess the plot thickens even further, considering a Director of Macquarie Bank was involved in using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules on the exact day Schapelle flew.

Now Richard, do you reckon you and your organisation could possibly get your act together re helping Schapelle, and correcting this gross travesty of justice, before this severely abused young woman dies? Contrary to recent lying press reports about her "Improving" health, she's actually walking the razor's edge - and every moment she stays alive is a gift from the angels.

So Richard, please have another word with Greg, and tell him he needs to start doing his job - because you won't stop hearing from me until something practical's done, or you have the guts to put your outright refusal in in writing.

Regards Kim