Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Australian Parliament, Just a Tired Old Whore Dancing To The Tune of Macquarie Bank?

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I guess we can take it that "Good government" and "Good opposition" (as referred to by Macquarie Bank, quoted from their annual report above), is in the eye of the beholder - therefore any policy or decision contrary to the interests of Macquarie wouldn't be "Good." So, ipso facto, the Bank's feathering the nest of "Our" politicians so they can return the favour.

And you thought your vote actually counted for something? Sorry folks, but dollars shout far louder than slips of paper in the ballot box.

So it's hardly surprising no Australian political party has the guts to defend Australian citizens like Schapelle from this corporate psychopath.  Why would they? How would they get their hands on the Bank's cash then? And where an earth would they find another gilded retirement home like it?