Thursday, August 16, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Bernard Keane of Crikey spits the dummy

Click on the image above to enlarge and read it - and below, my letter to Bernard . . .

Dear Bernard,

I guess I can assume your abusive Tweet was in response to my previous blog post about Crikey to-day? Glad it caught your interest.

It's very sad to see "Journalism" (for want of a better word), in Australia has sunk so low your only response to direct evidence and facts on a high profile matter, of major public interest, is completely lacking in intelligence and/or evidence of critical thinking.

Let's put it this way Bernard, as a Registered Nurse of over 34 years experience, if I chose to do my job like you do yours, I've a feeling my patients would die like flies - and I'd get struck off the register.  You should also be very thankful that, next time you (or someone you love), turns up at the local emergency department, the staff will have a much higher regard for reality, common sense, ethics and reasoning than the vast majority of media hacks.  And considering the squalid revelations seeping out of the Leveson Inquiry, I imagine that's something we can all be extremely grateful for.  Did you know know a recent survey shows most people rate journalists lower than sex workers?  Hardly surprising.

Seems I'm one of the top ten "Most trusted" workers, whereas you're hovering around the bottom of the pile.  You've got a lot of catching up to do Bernard.

Kate McCann, a doctor, mother of a missing child (Madeleine McCann) and a victim of appalling media smears and lies herself, drily made similar observations in her book Madeleine, pointing out medical practitioners can be struck off for professional misconduct, a sanction never applied to "Journalists." Thus it's debatable whether or not journalists are real "Professionals" in any normally accepted sense of the word - as they're certainly not held accountable in the same stringent way as others claiming that honourable title.

Now Bernard, do you really believe a young woman with no criminal record or criminal profile, is the first person in the entire World, either before or since, caught deliberately smuggling a similar amount of marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali, in order to make a LOSS of tens of thousands of dollars? Or do you disbelieve official United Nations price data?  Plus a letter from Australian Customs saying this "Flow" does not exist, and never has?  And I guess we also have to assume (in "Bernard's World"), every customs official in both Indonesia and Australia is terminally blind and stupid, and every security measure completely ineffective, because even though marijuana is very bulky and highly pungent, Schapelle's apprehension for this "Crime" remains completely unique.  Strange that.

Now Bernie, here's a sensible challenge for you.  Watch this doco, and this further clip - and if you're moved to investigate further, or ask questions (you know, do that mythical "Journo" thing), please do.  I assure you every assertion made is backed up with rock hard proof.  But in the meantime, I won't hold my breath waiting for sensible questions from a "Journalist" - as most evidence to date shows us this occupation is moribund, and inextricably tied to vested commercial interests (either through the need for advertising, direct employment by the corporate media and/or a wary eye on future job prospects in a highly competitive field).

Regards Kim.

It's also very disturbing to point out major allegations of media criminality within Australia were made by a well-placed insider, but Crikey's point-blank refusing to report that news.