Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Schapelle Corby & The "Crikey" cover-up, as their staff slam the phone down on the truth

Click on the above to read comments just posted to the Facebook page of Australia's so-called fearless, "Alternative" press Crikey . . .  Also reproduced below . . .

What an earth is going on at Crikey? I just called your office (twice), in a perfectly polite manner asking why your publication has never reported the hard evidence of corrupt/criminal interference with Schapelle's bag after check-in - and the phone was literally slammed down in my ear both times. This is quite bizarre, so if Crikey doesn't want to know, here's some info for your readers. Briefly, her boogie board bag was illegally diverted away from the formally required x-ray screening after check in, but this explosive news was deliberately withheld during her trial (and the evidence for that is contained in the Howard Government's own cables and emails), plus recently leaked minutes of a 2005 NSW Crime Commission meeting also prove her innocence. See the doco at for a full background - as well as this You Tube clip for a background on the latter news (which only came to light after the doco was released):

Well, Crikey quickly deleted the above info from their page and banned me.  It's also interesting to note they don't have any section on their page for "Comments by others" (as many Facebook pages do).  Strange the so-called "Alternative press" in Australia don't provide this feature for their readers.  Aren't they interested in open, democratic feedback?

Then later, one of their journos (Bernard Keane), responded with a tirade of abuse - that (and my reply), can be seen here.

It's also very disturbing to point out major allegations of media criminality within Australia were made by a well-placed insider, but Crikey's point-blank refusing to report that news.