Friday, August 10, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Hey, Macquarie Bank, your ugly fat arse is showing but you're too dumb and arrogant to realise it

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Dear Nick,

I guess you're familiar with the parable of The Emperor's New Clothes? Well I hate to tell you this sweetie, but your "Suit" is invisible . . . time to wake up from your delusion.

Macquarie Bank is the spider at the heart of the unjust incarceration of an innocent woman, the ugly arachnid that pays off both sides of the Australian Parliament to keep them sweet.

Now while your cheap little poodle (AKA Australia's Foreign Minister), is studiously and bizarrely ignoring the evidence of Schapelle's innocence - I'm afraid your naked corporate arses are hanging out all over the internet, and it gets worse every day. Don't believe me? First read this latest piece in The Guardian UK about the newly dubbed "First social media Olympics," and then wake up to the fact the social media is now BIGGER than the corporate media.  The press, TV and radio barons have lost their crowns, and their ability to protect you.

Schapelle's support group now has over 7,000 "Likes," might not seem like much - but a peep behind the curtain tells me there are well over 5 million "Friends" of Schapelle's "Fans," and over 166,000 of them were "Reached" on the 15th July 2012 (and all 166,000 are linked into further social networks). Further, the size of the support group has nearly doubled in the last few weeks, and we're expecting it to double again in the next few.

But that's just one aspect.  There's also multiple Twitter and Facebook campaigns, that exist on a daily/ongoing basis, spotlighting your nakedness much more brightly each day.  Here they are . . .

One - A graphic Facebook campaign, centred on international airports, Globally & exposing the dangerous and corrupt practises of QANTAS Airlines.

Two (more background here & here) - Twitter campaign. Graphic evidence of Global citizens spreading the news about the criminal cover-up of ABC Australia.

Three - Twitter campaign. Graphic evidence of Global citizens spreading the news about the dangerous and corrupt practises of QANTAS.

Four (more background here & here) - Twitter campaign specifically outing Macquarie Bank & the drug smuggling director who was using innocent airline passengers as unwitting drug mules (example of another re-tweet here).

Five - Twitter campaign replying to ALL Global tweets about Schapelle, daily.

Six - A Twitter campaign outing the corrupt Australian media to the World, daily.

Seven - An ongoing Twitter campaign that's spreading the news about an innocent woman in Indonesia.

So the point is, no-one's hiding anything now by keeping Schapelle in jail - in fact, it just strips them more each day - not that the buffoons realise it, as they blithely dance around in the raw.

Regards, Kim