Saturday, August 18, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A letter to News Ltd Chief David Fagan, plus Tweeting the truth to the Globe (daily)

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Dear Mr. Fagan,

I note you were recently appointed Editorial Chief for News Ltd in Queensland (Australia), which is my home State.

I am very concerned News Ltd in Australia is wilfully failing to publish facts of major public importance, and public interest, re the nationally high profile Schapelle Corby case (including serious allegations of media criminality and misconduct, perpetrated against her and her family).  As you know, Schapelle is also a Queenslander.  You will find a brief, graphic outline of my worries here, with the associated Twitter account here (created 15 August 2012).  There are already 7 "Followers," and if you examine them closely, you'll see those 7 have a combined "Follower" base of well over 11,000.  Quite an achievement in just a few days, plus numerous "Re-tweets" and comments are coming in every day -  with some examples here and here (screen grabs).

I also note Rupert Murdoch's recent public statements re the ethics of his media empire, plus News Ltd's published code of conduct.  The World is already wondering if either are worth the paper they are written on, given recent news commentary like this (16 August 2012).  Further, the Australian public seems to have a very low opinion of your "Profession," thus it's well beyond time for senior people within your organisation to read the writing on the wall and take action.

Now, Mr. Fagan, there are many important facts about Schapelle contained in this documentary and this update, which New Limited papers have completely failed to report on or investigate.  There are multiple points, but for brevity, I'm hi-liting just three here:

1. The carriage of un-screened luggage by QANTAS Airlines - Do you remember the Lockerbie Aviation disaster Mr. Fagan? So tell me, what commercial interests are you protecting by not reporting this gross breach of the public's trust?

2. Recently leaked minutes of an October 2005 New South Wales (Australia) Crime Commission meeting PROVE Schapelle is innocent.  What planet do you live on Mr. Fagan where this is not "News"?

3. Well known private investigator Col Chapman recently made serious allegations of major media criminality within Australia.  Who are you protecting by not reporting his allegations, and investigating them further?  I should also point out Col Chapman alleged a media organisation paid out $7,000 to a private investigator to dig up any dirt they could on me, a humble and respectable Registered Nurse (pity they didn't spend that, and more, on investigating Tom).  Anyway, they found nothing, and probably got very bored. But more to the point, when I complained to my local police about this - as I wanted a complete investigation of the "Methods" used - after visiting my house twice, they completely swept the matter under the carpet, and I never heard another thing.  Tell me Mr. Fagan, would you be willing to look into this for me? Because for all I know, Mr. Chapman may have illegally and corruptly obtained police information about me (such as a criminal record check etc), as described by Police Chief Sue Akers to the Leveson Inquiry.  Do you think it's possible the Queensland Police failed to investigate further, for fear of implicating themselves?

So are you going to do your job Mr. Fagan, or do I (and others), have to raise the roof about it all over the Globe?

Regards, Kim