Saturday, August 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Thank you Ian Puddick for sending info about Schapelle to your 83,063 followers

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Gross abuse of power and process is Global.  I strongly recommend EVERYONE watches this explosive trailer by Ian Puddick.  It will take your breath away, as the sick, incestuous links between senior police and the money brokers are laid bare.

Here's the messages & links about Schapelle Ian passed on:

ABC Australia (national broadcaster) engaged in major corporate crime & corruption cover up

Aussie media crime outed Their smears/cover-up murder an innocent woman.

The parallels with the Macquarie Bank debacle in the Land Down Under are startling, as the Australian police lick the bum of the money men, at the expense of the populace.

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PS - And this related tweet, spreading the word about both Ian and Schapelle:

Thank you Ian Puddick & your new doco is COMPULSORY viewing Shared here too

Was also passed on to thousands by some good people.