Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Using The Leveson Inquiry To Expose The Aussie Media To The World

Click on the image to enlarge & read the message about the corrupt Australian media that was re-tweeted to thousands by Steven Nott, a key witness at the UK's Leveson inquiry, who thoroughly humiliated Piers Morgan. Thanks Steven, and it looks like you're doing a great job. More power to your elbow.

Here's the message Steve passed on, with the live link to long-time Australian media insider Col Chapman's interview:

Cover-up of hacking by Oz media & abuse of Schapelle's family (smears & fabrications)

So that got me thinking. People are mentioning "Leveson" on Twitter all the time, so why not reply to their comments with this observation (on a daily basis, a dozen or so, every so often):

Aussie media crime outed as their smears/cover-up murder an innocent woman/Doco at

And as you can seen from the collated screen grabs below (click on the images to enlarge & read), that key info's already getting some quite memorable re-tweets (to almost 100,000 followers at the last count) . . .