Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Macquarie Bank still in the Global limelight for all the wrong reasons

Click on the image to enlarge and read a message about Macquarie Bank, just re-tweeted by an American to over 1,300 followers.

Dear Nicholas,

Again I draw your attention to my recent comments here, and note that the most recent article about airport security is this USA news of 7 August 2012.  This led me to search Twitter with some relevant terms, e.g:

tsa drug smuggling

. . . and thus I came across multiple Tweets relating to that breaking information, so I replied to each one with this short comment & link:

& what about when a Director of the Bank who owns the airport uses passengers as unwitting drug mules? tinyurl.com/758gp22

And as you can see, those observations are getting passed on.

An awful of people, all around the World, are getting to know about Macquarie Bank's torrid past at this rate, aren't they? Especially if Schapelle stays in jail for very much longer, because there will be no let up until she's free.

Regards, Kim

PS - More re-tweets of this key info coming in all the time. Click on the image below to enlarge & read: