Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Australia's squalid human rights industry

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Click on the screen grab of a tweet (above), re Paris Aristotle's views on Schapelle Corby.

Paris - how dare you even refer to Schapelle?  You're a squalid hypocrite who silently allows this country to burn witches at the stake in the 21st century, along with all the other hypocrites who make up this country's human rights industry - and I write as runner-up in the Australian Lawyers Alliance's National Civil Justice Awards, personally nominated by Rob Davis (in 2001).

And as a long time supporter of the Greens (even handing out how-to-vote cards for them once), I'd now advise anyone (who bothers to ask me), to simply scratch through the whole rotten list on the ballot paper, and write a protest note instead. As for Amnesty Australia, they're a disgrace - and they'll never get another penny out of me, or a lot of other people. Also noting of course, the severe (and recent),  reservations expressed about that organisation by many progressives.

Lindy Chamberlain was consciously sacrificed to the howling misogynists in this country - a hatred deliberately whipped up and fanned by the corporate media, as they worked hand in hand with rich vested interests, to protect massive tourist investments in the Northern Territory (read Michael Chamberlain's recently released book, Heart of Stone).  Now a similar young woman has met the same fate, just to protect the filthy, smelly backside of Macquarie Bank (who funds BOTH sides of politics) - and YOU pretend to be blind? Even while others, like Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers and retired Customs Officer Allan Kessing are led to the pyre?

Have you seen some of the filthy, dirty, vicious, sexist comments written all over the internet about Schapelle and her family?  Where do you think that hatred comes from? I'll tell you Paris, it comes from a calculated campaign of derision, deliberately whipped up to hide corporate culpability.  Their experiments on Lindy were a runaway success, getting many otherwise sane Australians to believe a normal young mother slit her babies throat in some satanic ritual, now the same people believe Schapelle smuggled marijuana FROM Australia, TO Bali - in order to make a loss of many thousands of dollars. Whilst others (perhaps), may be forgiven for making that basic mistake, YOU cannot.  Quite frankly, you disgust me.

The righteous and entirely justified campaign of protecting vulnerable asylum seekers is not aided by ignoring the massive human rights abuses suffered by Schapelle, or by throwing more rotten tomatoes at an innocent young woman, from a multi-cultural family, who is already tied to the stake and burning there.  How much longer do you think she can last?  It's an incredible blessing she's still alive.  And whilst, no doubt, the "Vulnerable crew members" you refer to have had their share of suffering (and injustice) - compared to Schapelle's savage term in hell, I guess it was/is a short stay in a holiday camp.  And having worked in some of Australia's correctional facilities as a nurse, I assure you conditions here bear no resemblance to what Schapelle's suffering.

Yours in complete disgust, Kim