Thursday, September 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Eamonn Duff Spits The Dummy

Click on the image above to enlarge and read.  Seems Eamonn Duff doesn't like me.  I count that as a very honourable success.  Hopefully his antipathy will grow as my various complaints work their way through the system, and get re-tweeted all over the Globe at every stage.

You see, Eamonn Duff's a journalist - and I could be particularly pithy and suggest he takes a step up in the World as a sex worker (as per this recent Readers Digest survey), but I won't.

But I will point out the only reason Australia's journos haven't experienced anything like the squalid revelations gushing out of The Leveson Inquiry is because of the cosy, corrupt and incestuous little corner of the media Planet they inhabit.

I also think Richard Peppiatt could teach you a thing or two Duff, except (of course) he does have three things you appear to have lost along the way - a spine, a soul and a very sharp intellect.