Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A Formal Complaint to The Queensland Police re Fairfax Journalist Eamonn Duff & Possible Corrupt Access to Qld Police Info

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cc - Nick Davies
cc - Tom Watson MP
cc - Steven Nott
cc - Alastair Morgan
cc - The Australian Press Council

Dear Commissioner Atkinson and the relevant investigating officers at Jimboomba Police Station,

In journalist Eamonn Duff's article of 23 September 2012, he claims to have accessed highly sensitive Queensland Police information.  I have just put in a formal Right to Information request (to the Queensland Police), re that info - as described here.

There seems to be three possibilities here, either that sensitive Queensland Police information is already legitimately in the public domain (in which case the Queensland Police should have no problems granting me full access as well, as per my RTI request) - or it is not legitimately in the public domain, in which case Fairfax journalist Eamonn Duff (and others), may have conspired and/or participated in a criminal act to obtain it - or Eamonn Duff is spinning complete lies, and the sensitive Queensland Police information he publicly claims to have accessed is a figment of his imagination.

Can you please ensure these (possibly), very serious criminal acts (if they were carried out), are investigated in a timely and efficient manner - considering the extensive UK police resources currently going into Operation Elveden, re similar allegations of corrupt links between the police and press in that country.

I will put in a formal Right to Information request re your follow-up of this serious matter two calendar months from to-day (on the 24 November 2012).

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax