Sunday, September 23, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Formal Right To Information Requests to The Queensland Police re Potential Australian Media Crime

cc - Nick Davies
cc - Tom Watson MP
cc - Steven Nott
cc - Alastair Morgan
cc - The Australian Press Council

Dear Sir/Madam,

Can you please provide me with the following information:

1.  On the 23rd September 2012 in an article titled "Police fight to keep Corby secrets," Fairfax journalist Eamonn Duff claimed to have read or possessed information from (quote) the "Queensland Police Archives" relating to Schapelle's deceased Father Michael Corby Snr:
"While the Corby family once claimed they had no links to marijuana, Queensland Police Service archives confirm Schapelle's father Mick was arrested twice in 1973 for possessing and using cannabis."
Can you please provide me with the Queensland Police information Eamonn Duff  claims to have already accessed (in that quote from his article).

2.  Can you also please provide me with the "Queensland Police Intelligence Report" journalist Eamonn Duff refers to here, in the the same article (and which I've hi-lited in bold red for your convenience):
"Fast forward to 2004 and three weeks before Schapelle's arrest, Mr Corby was implicated in a ''Queensland Police Crime Intelligence report'' as being part of a Gold Coast syndicate that was transporting drugs to Bali - using commercial passenger flights."
3.  Can you please provide me with all the information you have relating to criminal Queensland conspiracies to smuggle marijuana FROM the State, TO Bali, over the past ten years.  That should also be very interesting to the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime and Australian Customs (if that info exists), as they're tasked with monitoring international illicit drug flows, and they have no knowledge of this alleged "Trade."  I am in contact with both organisations.

4.  Can you also please provide me with all of Kim Moore's statements to the Queensland Police, e.g. the one's journalist Eamonn Duff refers to extensively within his 23 September 2012 article, here's just one example (hi-lited in bold/red):
"In those statements a police informant, Kim Moore, claimed Tony Lewis - Mick Corby's best friend and next-door neighbour - was running a marijuana operation on his property."
I assume none of the above will be problematic for the Queensland Police? As Fairfax journalist Eamonn Duff has just very publicly claimed to have had personal access to all of the above sensitive Queensland Police information (except for the information requested in point 3). Thus (according to Duff), it's already in the public domain, and I assume he came by it via legal means - and not through corrupt channels, similar to those currently under investigation in the UK via Operation Elveden.

5.  Earlier this year, uniformed police officers from Jimboomba Police Station visited my home twice, relating to complaints I'd made about private investigator Col Chapman's serious criminal allegations about the Australian media.  Those allegations can be found here.  Can you please provide me with all the Queensland Police documentation relating to my formal complaint, plus any and all further Queensland Police investigations as a result of them.

Regards, Mrs Kim Bax