Friday, September 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The wilful blindess of Australia's human rights industry

Click on the image above to enlarge and read a tweet/reply From the Castan Centre which exposes their  continuing blindess (some of my previous commentary on this issue).

Dear Castan Centre,

You just don't get it, do you?  For supposed "Experts" in human rights, you're behaving in a very odd way. Let me explain.

1.  Schapelle's legal situation is entirely unrelated to the "Vulnerable crew members."  The cases have nothing to do with each other - and to give some kind of "Legitimacy" to squalid horse-trading is disgusting. Schapelle's a human being, with her own issues re human rights abuses.  She's not an inert piece of meat on some "Trading table."

2.  It's entirely right for Australians and Indonesians to protest about Schapelle's treatment - just as it's entirely right  for Australians and Indonesians to protest about the treatment of the "Vulnerable crew members." Are you falsely implying all Indonesians are racist and blind, and thus do not care about about Schapelle? (Many have joined her support group, and a high profile Indonesian justice activist is campaigning for her). And are you implying all Australian supporters of Schapelle are racist and blind, and do not care about the "Vulnerable crew members"?  Both injustices exist at the same time - there is no dichotomy between the two.  Stop using a vulnerable woman to push your own agenda, and trying to create a false one.  However, on a purely practical level, who is worse off?  Given the awful choice (if you were forced to choose between unappealing alternatives), would you prefer to be a "Vulnerable crew member" incarcerated in an Australian jail for possibly 5 years, or Schapelle, incarcerated in a Bali hell hole for 15?

3.  Please acknowledge it is extremely galling for those fighting for Schapelle's human rights, to see Paris Aristotle bandying her issues around in a high profile manner, whilst never once acknowledging the cast iron evidence of her innocence (not that there was ever any evidence of her "Guilt"), plus cast iron evidence of the human rights abuses (and discrimination), she suffered during her trial and sentencing.

Though I guess, just as the abusive, violent husband sees it as entirely "Normal" to beat his wife to a pulp every so often, Schapelle's been tied to the whipping post for so long, even Australia's supposed "Human rights activists" see it as entirely "Normal" to continue with the beating. You watch it in plain sight, with complete indifference, and in complete silence.  You are shameful.

Regards, Kim

  • Schapelle's original 20 year sentence is the same as the one given to Umar Patek for helping to murder over 200 people.