Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Will John Howard face the the music, or flick the the "Delete" button?

Click on the image above to enlarge and read.  Here's John Howard's Facebook page.  Below, the comments as posted with the clickable links:

Mr. Howard, would you like to comment on the fact that on your watch (in 2004), QANTAS Airlines illegally carried unscreened luggage to a very high risk terror destination (Bali)? Do you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster in December 1988, when exactly this kind of security breach cost the lives of over 200 people? And further, your Government deliberately withheld that vital information from a court of law during Schapelle's trial, and also sought to prosecute senior retired customs officer Allen Kessing for bringing attention to these shocking issues. Your Government also allowed one of QANTAS's criminal baggage handlers (who was given the code name "Tom"), to completely escape prosecution for his very serious crimes, and keep the proceeds of crime (around $750,000). I suggest you carefully read all the correspondence from you Ministers and staff published at this link, re the unscreened luggage:    http://www.expendable.tv/2011/09/transit-report-24-missing-records.html and here's the correspondence re "Tom's" gift from the State:http://www.expendable.tv/2011/10/exhibit-gift-from-state.html further, please watch the documentary in full at www.expendable.tv And one further point Mr. Howard, I'm screen capturing these comments, so I hope you will address them, rather than flick the delete button - especially as hundreds of activists all over the country will be handing out flyers (very possibly containing that screen capture), in the country's most marginal seats come election time. Plus public exhibitions, and public showings of the film, are also on the the agenda.