Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An Open letter to Christine Milne, Leader of the Australian Greens

Addit to the below - Christine Assange now supports this campaign to free Schapelle

Dear Christine,

As this explosive new documentary proves - plus the shocking further evidence that came to light just after it was released, Schapelle's innocent, and the victim of gross insider corruption that puts us all in danger.  I'm sure you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster?

Maybe Schapelle (and all the passengers on her flight), were actually very lucky - that 4.2 kilos of marijuana could easily have been 4.2 kilos of Semtex.

Further, both New Idea Magazine (here) and The Gold Coast Bulletin (here) reported these shocking facts earlier this year.

I'm also sure you'd be justifiably incensed if Australia punished foreign nationals far in excess of its own citizens, for the same crime - so I suggest you read this shocking information re the savage, completely unprecedented and highly discriminatory sentence Indonesia gave to Schapelle.

Now despite this, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young (your spokesperson for human rights - does include the human rights of Australians? I'm not sure), has point blank refused act or speak out on any of these issues - and Senator Larissa Waters (for Queensland, Schapelle's home state and mine), also refused a request for a meeting without explanation.  This is despite the fact Queensland Senator Clare Moore very graciously met with some of Schapelle's supporters last year (myself and a friend), and watched a clip of the doco in her office. Obviously she has more time for Queenslanders than Larissa does?

Now, I was always a very keen supporter of The Greens, and even (as local my Greens candidate Andy Grodecki knows), handed out how-to-vote cards for the party at election time - but no more I'm afraid, after this experience.

Problem is Christine, Macquarie Bank is deeply implicated in this corruption cover-up - and they donate huge sums of money to both sides of the political divide, plus they provide very lucrative "Consultancies" to politicians like Bob Carr.   Is this why you're not speaking out? Does your pact with the ALP keep you quiet? For instance, do you approve of the $1.6 million (of our tax dollars), spent on buying the silence of a criminal QANTAS baggage handler? Because Bob Carr knows all about that.

Now here's a reminder of the open support The Greens gave to Schapelle in 2005, when she was "Fashionable"- before the gross media smear campaign. Further, I want to remind you of your stated policies re the human rights of Australians.

I'd like a meeting with you on these issues please Christine (because my local Greens Senator, Larissa Waters, has point-blank turned me down) - and as you can see from this clip, I don't bite.  I'm just a 50-something, mother of three, and a Registered Nurse. Nothing scary about that, is there?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Kim

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Rupert Murdoch tells the World about his Australian cover-up

Click on the image above to enlarge & read. And here's a direct link to that information (some of the replies Rupert Murdoch got would not have been my personal choice). Below, a further letter to Rupert Murdoch:

Dear Rupert,

Thank you for telling thousands of people all over the World about your Australian cover-up.  I also note you exploded again (just after that), when you said you didn't understand this info.

One would wonder why you're getting so antsy about facts you claim not to comprehend? Especially as Australia's New Idea Magazine "Understood" them perfectly well in May 2012, when they spilled the beans on the corruption you're too gutless to reference?

So Rupert, I hope you can have a chat with David Fagan of The Courier Mail, post my phone call to his office yesterday, and maybe together we can improve the standing of journalism in Australia - as currently, Aussies hold sex workers in higher regard.

Regards, Kim

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Rupert Murdoch spits the dummy & denies covering up the truth

(Addit to the below on Tues 30 Oct 2012 - Rupert Murdoch replies again, and I again, I try to clear up his apparent "Confusion" as clearly and as simply as I can, by sending him this reply and offer.)

Click on the image above to enlarge & read - and here's the conversation with Rupert Murdoch with the clickable links. Below, a personal missive to Rupert Murdoch . . .

Dear Rupert,

Thank you for denying these allegations that you're covering up media crime and Australian Government corruption in the Land Down Under. Though as Professor George Lakoff would probably tell you, that wasn't a particularly wise move.

Now, as far as I'm aware, a huge number of highly newsworthy and salient facts about Schapelle's case are completely missing from News Ltd in the Land Down Under.  I even (very politely), tried to speak the Head of Channel 10 News on one occasion, but he put the phone down on me - and David Fagan (editor of The Courier Mail), even went as far as calling my home once, to tell me not to bother his office again.  Can't see why, I don't bite, I'm always factual, straight to the point and very civil - as per my call to ABC Australia. Just an ordinary, 50-something mum of three and Registered Nurse. What's so scary about that?

So Rupert, I'm more than prepared to take you at your word.  Maybe you didn't know what was going on? I'll phone David Fagan (he's just up the road from me, so to speak), on Tuesday 30 October 2012 and arrange to meet with him (or one of his senior journalists), so this this little "Misunderstanding" can be sorted out.  And now these matters have been brought to your attention, I assume that won't be a problem? Maybe you can discuss this with David in the interim?

Warm regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby & Exposing Rupert Murdoch's sick Australian cover-up all around the World, everyday

Click on the image to enlarge and read.

Here's the new Twitter acount, now heading for 500 tweets, with 50 followers (who combined, have many thousands of their own followers, check them out).  Thus this shocking info about Murdoch's squalid Australian whitewash is getting re-tweeted all around the World (to huge numbers, everyday) - and by others tweeters too, as seen in this graphic screen grab (and that's just one example, there are many more).

You see, the World might not know about Schapelle - but everyone knows about Rupert Murdoch, and his all pervasive stench is a very convenient vehicle for spreading her story all around the Globe.  People from all corners of the Planet are tweeting derogatory comments about the Dirty Digger every few seconds, just send them a quick reply about his sick Aussie cover-up, and they're more than happy to add fuel to the fire and re-circulate the news - EVERWHERE !!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Jonathan Holmes of ABC Australia's "Media Watch" exposed on his own Twitter page

Click on the image to enlarge & read.

Here's Jonathan Holmes's ABC Twitter account and here's the damning questions about Media Watch, now available to anyone who wishes to check out his conversation.

So Jonathan, maybe you need to think about a response? Especially as that inquiry is also posted to your own Facebook page and is getting very wide circulation on Twitter, as seen here and here.

If I've heard nothing back in a couple of weeks, I'll post those points to you personally (via registered snail mail).  Let's face it, Schapelle's last book was a Global best seller - and I'm sure the next one will outstrip the first.  There's more than enough material for a whole chapter on ABC Australia's cover-up, though I guess a few lines on your direct avoidance of this debacle could be squeezed in.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Schapelle Corby & An open letter to Jonathan Holmes of ABC Australia's "Media Watch"

Click on the image above to enlarge and read.

Dear Jonathan,

I note your recent article here about ultimate responsibility for the BBC's cover-up of the Jimmy Saville affair. Maybe it's a salutary reminder that even public broadcasters are not above reproach when it comes to hiding the truth?  This is something we should also keep in mind when we think about the Hillsborough disaster.  Even though Rupert Murdoch received well deserved public contempt for his role in the cover-up (for 23 years), of the British Government failings that led to the deaths of 96 people in truly horrific circumstances, this wouldn't have been possible without the tacit support and silence of the BBC.

So in a similar vein, why aren't you reporting that the claims of small-time crook William Moss (e.g that he was meant to pick up the marijuana - ultimately found in Schapelle's bag - from Sydney Airport as part of a criminal job that had nothing to do with her) - were well and truly backed up by some hard core evidence which came to light earlier this year?  So much so in fact, the ABC quickly settled his ongoing defamation action against them, which he commenced because Media Watch trashed these same confessions in 2005 (something you've also failed to report).

And why, when New Idea Magazine exposed your cover-up in May 2012 (see the pic above), did you stay silent? That's not characteristic, is it? Isn't it supposed to be the other way around, you know, Media Watch exposing the tabloid media?  Instead, the tabloid media exposes Media Watch, and you quietly take it on the chin.  Very bizarre, unless of course you had no choice other than to keep your mouth shut, because they were telling the truth.

I'd also like to draw your attention to all the other facts ABC Australia is not reporting about Schapelle. Why do you think that is Jonathan? I did ask, but ABC Australia told me to get lost.  Is the corporation covering up for the Australian government, in the same way that the BBC covered up for the British Government (for years), re the Hillsborough disaster?

Let's put it this way, ex-Prime Minister John Howard was very close to Max Moore-Wilton, who was CEO of Sydney Airport Corporation (SACL), when Schapelle flew (SACL was also owned by Macquarie Bank at the time).  Macquarie Bank faced serious allegations of slashing aviation security to increase the bottom line, but the hapless messenger faced more unpleasant consequences than Macquarie, who got away scot free.  Though I do note Macquarie Bank donates huge sums to both sides of the political divide, and is a very lucrative retirement home for super-annuated politicians.

Do you reckon some powerful pollies thought drug-smuggling baggage handlers weren't a good look in our post 9/11 World, and put the hard word on ABC Australia to do the necessary re-write?  Considering the BBC's history re the Jimmy Saville cover-up and the Hillsborough whitewash, it's not a very big stretch, is it?

I look forward to hearing from you Jonathan, but I won't hold my breath.  I reckon you'll stay silent, because you've no other option, and no comeback.

Regards, Kim

PS - This open letter to Jonathan Holmes was also posted Media Watch's Facebook page (screen grab here).  Let's hope the ABC allows it to remain, and doesn't "Ban" the poster.  Will keep readers updated re that . . .

PPS - And here's another (much more extensive & detailed), letter to ABC Australia on these issues they have completely ignored.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby - You can now follow (and share) The Women for Schapelle Blog on Twitter


Schapelle Corby & Australia's Powder Puff Feminists: A Letter to Anne Summers

A letter to one of Australia's (so called) "Leading feminists" Anne Summers . . .

Dear Anne,

I note your 2005 article about Schapelle, and I also note your stoney silence on the matter since then, despite the graphic info about the corruption that jailed an innocent woman, which (I know), was sent to you many times.

I also note you are a doyenne of both ABC Australia (exposed here), Murdoch/Courier Mail (exposed here) and Fairfax (exposed here and here), who provide you with very generous publicity outlets.  I'm sure that's a huge bonus for any author. How much would that kind of coverage cost you if you had to pay for it? Though maybe it's a deal that cuts both ways, the corporate media gets its credentialed "Pet feminist" to show how trendy and progressive they are, and you get unparalleled access to free publicity? And the caveat? Don't EVER fundamentally challenge the way power works in the Land Down Under. Is that why you quietly watch another Australian witch-burning, and politely look the other way?

And let's be very specific about "The way power works" in Australia.  Macquarie Bank donates huge sums to both sides of politics, and functions as a lucrative retirement home to many politicians, including our current Foreign Minister, Bob Carr.  However, the truth about Schapelle fundamentally rips open the Bank's carefully crafted public image . . . so no wonder the media's trophy feminist refuses to soil her lily-white fingers with that filthy scandal? A bit too expensive for you Anne?

And further, while we're on the subject of "Puff," I note your recent high praise of Julia Gillard's apparent "Feminism," while it's left to exiled Australians like John Pilger to rip open the truth about her. So perhaps it's hardly surprising a recent Readers Digest survey gave us this shocking news about your profession.

I'm also a feminist Anne (a veteran of Greenham Common, and devourer of the classics), and under no illusions how the patriarchal mind-set (not "Men" per se), kills both men and women, and is destroying our Planet - though quite honestly, you're not a role model for me, or a commentator I'd trust.

Regards, Kim

Friday, October 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby & The Establishment deadbeats at The Lowy Institute: Too gutless & compromised to face the truth - David McRae avoids the obvious

Here's David McRae's latest commentary about Schapelle (19 Oct 2012). And here's my reply to David:

Hi David,

Here's the shocking truth about Schapelle's savage and racist sentence you refuse to face (or reference). Terrrify you does it?  I hope it does, because the cat is clawing its way out out of the bag with relentless determination - even though you (and your ilk) sell their professional integrity to keep it hidden.

Further, the squalid corruption behind the incarceration of an innocent woman is all over Facebook daily.  Shared all the time at People for Schapelle (with well over 11,000 supporters, and well over 9 million friends of those supports) - plus routinely posted to major Facebook pages, like Amnesty Australia (over 36,000 supporters) - latest screen grab here, with those comments below for your convenience:
I'll check it out - and in the meantime, check this out. Just as Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr betrays Julian Assange, he's also betraying another Aussie & covering up vicious corporate corruption:
And let's not forget the relentless Twitter campaign.

Amazing isn't it, just how much deceit hides behind sharp suits, designer shirts and a few uni degrees in this country?  I guess it's the requisite armoury for some of the World's biggest conmen and crooks.

Further, Schapelle's last book was a Global best seller (and now translated into six languages), and the next one will fly off book shelves all over the World faster that you can say Macquarie Bank.

Good day David.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Exposing Rupert Murdoch, the sleazy Aussie, all over Facebook & spreading Schapelle's story around the Globe

Click on the image above to enlarge and read these comments and links:
While the slimy Australian Rupert Murdoch backs Romney: So folks, please check out and spread the word re the corporate corruption sleazy Aussie Murdoch is hiding in the Land Down Under:
Just added to Michael Moore's Facebook page (656,666 Likes).  And one other point, Michael Moore's Facebook page is just the starting point for this type of exposure - there are many more similar, hugely subscribed Facebook pages where this news will get a VERY sympathetic hearing . . . Here's an example . . . From Move On's Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Rupert Murdoch, his media empire's corruption cover-up is going viral

Click on the image to enlarge and read the latest evidence (18 Oct 2012).  And here's the graphic information a new audience of thousands is seeing every day.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Schapelle Corby - The Global exposure of Bob Carr's cover-up continues daily

Click on the image to enlarge and read.  Austin G Mackell just re-circulated this Twitter account, exposing Bob Carr's cover-up (and Schapelle's story), to his 2,674 followers.  It's just one of many "Re-tweets" amongst the 200 (plus) messages already sent out into to the World . . .

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A response to The Queensland Police re recent Right to Information issues & media crime

Left, pages one and two of a letter from the Queensland Police (received 11th October 2011), in reply to a recent Right to Information request. Click on the images to enlarge and read.  My reply is below.

Dear R J Shillington,

Thank you for your letter to me dated 8 October 2012, in response to my recent Right to Information request (to the the Queensland Police), in relation to potential media crime.

I note you're asking me for (quote):

  • Certified identification
  • Authority and certified identification of the third parties, as mentioned in your application, for you to access their personal information.

I have absolutely no problems with the first requirement, but very reasonably, you must be much more specific in relation to the second.  Could you please name each "Third party" you need me to gain "Authority and certified identification" from. You've forgotten to include that detail.

I look forward to hearing from you again, in writing, with those requirements, specifically naming the individuals in question.  I will then proceed again from there, but I cannot do so until I have that information.

Also please note, most of the information I am requesting is (according to Sydney Morning Herald journalist Eamonn Duff), already in the public domain.  Therefore, I assume journalist Eamonn Duff  (or others acting on his behalf), supplied the Queensland Police with exactly the same "Authority and certified identification" (of third parties), you are requesting from me?  Because if he didn't, how would he have obtained the Queensland Police information he openly claims to have accessed? I hope he didn't do it via illegal and illicit means?

So please note, I have already lodged a formal criminal complaint with the Queensland Police in relation to that possibility - and you will (most certainly), be receiving another Right to Information request from me (by the end of November 2012 at the very latest), chasing up the formal Queensland Police investigations (and responses), to my formal criminal complaint.

Regards, Mrs Kim Bax

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Schapelle Corby & the chronic, daily undermining of ABC Australia's credibility

Click on the images above to enlarge and read.  Just the latest huge evidence of the ongoing, wide re-circulation of this damning Twitter account.

Also see this shocking commentary at The Forum about ABC Media Watch