Thursday, October 25, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Australia's Powder Puff Feminists: A Letter to Anne Summers

A letter to one of Australia's (so called) "Leading feminists" Anne Summers . . .

Dear Anne,

I note your 2005 article about Schapelle, and I also note your stoney silence on the matter since then, despite the graphic info about the corruption that jailed an innocent woman, which (I know), was sent to you many times.

I also note you are a doyenne of both ABC Australia (exposed here), Murdoch/Courier Mail (exposed here) and Fairfax (exposed here and here), who provide you with very generous publicity outlets.  I'm sure that's a huge bonus for any author. How much would that kind of coverage cost you if you had to pay for it? Though maybe it's a deal that cuts both ways, the corporate media gets its credentialed "Pet feminist" to show how trendy and progressive they are, and you get unparalleled access to free publicity? And the caveat? Don't EVER fundamentally challenge the way power works in the Land Down Under. Is that why you quietly watch another Australian witch-burning, and politely look the other way?

And let's be very specific about "The way power works" in Australia.  Macquarie Bank donates huge sums to both sides of politics, and functions as a lucrative retirement home to many politicians, including our current Foreign Minister, Bob Carr.  However, the truth about Schapelle fundamentally rips open the Bank's carefully crafted public image . . . so no wonder the media's trophy feminist refuses to soil her lily-white fingers with that filthy scandal? A bit too expensive for you Anne?

And further, while we're on the subject of "Puff," I note your recent high praise of Julia Gillard's apparent "Feminism," while it's left to exiled Australians like John Pilger to rip open the truth about her. So perhaps it's hardly surprising a recent Readers Digest survey gave us this shocking news about your profession.

I'm also a feminist Anne (a veteran of Greenham Common, and devourer of the classics), and under no illusions how the patriarchal mind-set (not "Men" per se), kills both men and women, and is destroying our Planet - though quite honestly, you're not a role model for me, or a commentator I'd trust.

Regards, Kim