Friday, October 19, 2012

Schapelle Corby & The Establishment deadbeats at The Lowy Institute: Too gutless & compromised to face the truth - David McRae avoids the obvious

Here's David McRae's latest commentary about Schapelle (19 Oct 2012). And here's my reply to David:

Hi David,

Here's the shocking truth about Schapelle's savage and racist sentence you refuse to face (or reference). Terrrify you does it?  I hope it does, because the cat is clawing its way out out of the bag with relentless determination - even though you (and your ilk) sell their professional integrity to keep it hidden.

Further, the squalid corruption behind the incarceration of an innocent woman is all over Facebook daily.  Shared all the time at People for Schapelle (with well over 11,000 supporters, and well over 9 million friends of those supports) - plus routinely posted to major Facebook pages, like Amnesty Australia (over 36,000 supporters) - latest screen grab here, with those comments below for your convenience:
I'll check it out - and in the meantime, check this out. Just as Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr betrays Julian Assange, he's also betraying another Aussie & covering up vicious corporate corruption:
And let's not forget the relentless Twitter campaign.

Amazing isn't it, just how much deceit hides behind sharp suits, designer shirts and a few uni degrees in this country?  I guess it's the requisite armoury for some of the World's biggest conmen and crooks.

Further, Schapelle's last book was a Global best seller (and now translated into six languages), and the next one will fly off book shelves all over the World faster that you can say Macquarie Bank.

Good day David.