Saturday, October 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Jonathan Holmes of ABC Australia's "Media Watch" exposed on his own Twitter page

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Here's Jonathan Holmes's ABC Twitter account and here's the damning questions about Media Watch, now available to anyone who wishes to check out his conversation.

So Jonathan, maybe you need to think about a response? Especially as that inquiry is also posted to your own Facebook page and is getting very wide circulation on Twitter, as seen here and here.

If I've heard nothing back in a couple of weeks, I'll post those points to you personally (via registered snail mail).  Let's face it, Schapelle's last book was a Global best seller - and I'm sure the next one will outstrip the first.  There's more than enough material for a whole chapter on ABC Australia's cover-up, though I guess a few lines on your direct avoidance of this debacle could be squeezed in.