Thursday, October 11, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A response to The Queensland Police re recent Right to Information issues & media crime

Left, pages one and two of a letter from the Queensland Police (received 11th October 2011), in reply to a recent Right to Information request. Click on the images to enlarge and read.  My reply is below.

Dear R J Shillington,

Thank you for your letter to me dated 8 October 2012, in response to my recent Right to Information request (to the the Queensland Police), in relation to potential media crime.

I note you're asking me for (quote):

  • Certified identification
  • Authority and certified identification of the third parties, as mentioned in your application, for you to access their personal information.

I have absolutely no problems with the first requirement, but very reasonably, you must be much more specific in relation to the second.  Could you please name each "Third party" you need me to gain "Authority and certified identification" from. You've forgotten to include that detail.

I look forward to hearing from you again, in writing, with those requirements, specifically naming the individuals in question.  I will then proceed again from there, but I cannot do so until I have that information.

Also please note, most of the information I am requesting is (according to Sydney Morning Herald journalist Eamonn Duff), already in the public domain.  Therefore, I assume journalist Eamonn Duff  (or others acting on his behalf), supplied the Queensland Police with exactly the same "Authority and certified identification" (of third parties), you are requesting from me?  Because if he didn't, how would he have obtained the Queensland Police information he openly claims to have accessed? I hope he didn't do it via illegal and illicit means?

So please note, I have already lodged a formal criminal complaint with the Queensland Police in relation to that possibility - and you will (most certainly), be receiving another Right to Information request from me (by the end of November 2012 at the very latest), chasing up the formal Queensland Police investigations (and responses), to my formal criminal complaint.

Regards, Mrs Kim Bax