Sunday, October 28, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Rupert Murdoch spits the dummy & denies covering up the truth

(Addit to the below on Tues 30 Oct 2012 - Rupert Murdoch replies again, and I again, I try to clear up his apparent "Confusion" as clearly and as simply as I can, by sending him this reply and offer.)

Click on the image above to enlarge & read - and here's the conversation with Rupert Murdoch with the clickable links. Below, a personal missive to Rupert Murdoch . . .

Dear Rupert,

Thank you for denying these allegations that you're covering up media crime and Australian Government corruption in the Land Down Under. Though as Professor George Lakoff would probably tell you, that wasn't a particularly wise move.

Now, as far as I'm aware, a huge number of highly newsworthy and salient facts about Schapelle's case are completely missing from News Ltd in the Land Down Under.  I even (very politely), tried to speak the Head of Channel 10 News on one occasion, but he put the phone down on me - and David Fagan (editor of The Courier Mail), even went as far as calling my home once, to tell me not to bother his office again.  Can't see why, I don't bite, I'm always factual, straight to the point and very civil - as per my call to ABC Australia. Just an ordinary, 50-something mum of three and Registered Nurse. What's so scary about that?

So Rupert, I'm more than prepared to take you at your word.  Maybe you didn't know what was going on? I'll phone David Fagan (he's just up the road from me, so to speak), on Tuesday 30 October 2012 and arrange to meet with him (or one of his senior journalists), so this this little "Misunderstanding" can be sorted out.  And now these matters have been brought to your attention, I assume that won't be a problem? Maybe you can discuss this with David in the interim?

Warm regards, Kim