Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Rupert Murdoch tells the World about his Australian cover-up

Click on the image above to enlarge & read. And here's a direct link to that information (some of the replies Rupert Murdoch got would not have been my personal choice). Below, a further letter to Rupert Murdoch:

Dear Rupert,

Thank you for telling thousands of people all over the World about your Australian cover-up.  I also note you exploded again (just after that), when you said you didn't understand this info.

One would wonder why you're getting so antsy about facts you claim not to comprehend? Especially as Australia's New Idea Magazine "Understood" them perfectly well in May 2012, when they spilled the beans on the corruption you're too gutless to reference?

So Rupert, I hope you can have a chat with David Fagan of The Courier Mail, post my phone call to his office yesterday, and maybe together we can improve the standing of journalism in Australia - as currently, Aussies hold sex workers in higher regard.

Regards, Kim