Sunday, November 11, 2012

CIA & The Australian Federal Police formally classify Schapelle Corby as a "Threat to National Security" to cover-up rampant airport corruption - So here's an open question to Barack Obama

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Article about Schapelle here.  Info on the savage 20 year sentence in hell she received here - more than the terrorists who helped murder over 200 people (and seriously injure many more).

Documentary about the corruption that left an innocent woman to rot in a cesspit here.

And breaking news HERE & HERE (11 Nov 2012), re how the USA and Australia colluded to classify a 27 year old beauty student from Australia's Gold Coast as a "Threat to National Security," to cover-up rampant airport crime and corruption.

Looks like Christine Assange was entirely right in her recent support of Schapelle.  Her son Julian's a threat to the USA Government's cover-up of uncomfortable facts - and so is the truth about an innocent young woman who unwittingly stumbled into a nightmare beyond her comprehension.  Welcome to our Orwellian World . . .