Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Channel 9 Australia shits all over their commercial interests

Some people are just soooooo dumb, makes me wonder how they even remember to breathe sometimes.

Channel 9 have just announced THIS - so here's earth calling.  NO-ONE is interested in a piece of crap by a squalid little journalist they've never heard of, but they'll be breaking their necks to get the credible inside story (Schapelle's own words?) and family interviews when there's some REAL news to report. Media outlets who get their hands on that will land pure viewing gold. And guess what? There's an overwhelming possibility Channel 9 will be completely locked out in the cold.  In other words, they'll get sweet Fanny Adams, while all around them their rivals are (very possibly), making a killing.

Just saying . . . meanwhile, here's the truth (as also reported in New Idea magazine earlier this year).  PS - And here's a brand new campaign targeting Channel 9's advertisers.  PPS - Breaking news (28 Nov 2012) - Defamation action commenced against Eamonn Duff and Allen & Unwin