Friday, November 30, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A formal complaint to the Australian Press Council re Andrew Hornery of Fairfax

To The Australian Press Council

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re this 1 December 2012 article by Fairfax journalist Andrew Hornery, I wish to lodge a formal complaint.

I draw your attention to this quote:
''They are furious, absolutely furious that the film is being made … it is based on a book they say paints Schapelle in the wrong light,'' a confidant of the family told PS this week. That book is Sins of the Father: The Untold Story Behind Schapelle Corby's Ill-fated Drug Run, written by Fairfax Media investigative journalist Eamonn Duff.
I believe Andrew Hornery is misleading the Australian public by omitting key facts - namely that Schapelle's supporters do not say the book "Paints Schapelle in the wrong light," they say the book contains outright lies and distortions, and is defamatory, and is currently the subject of legal action on those grounds, which carries a quite different meaning.

Andrew Hornery made NO mentions of this highly relevant (and upcoming), legal action, as referenced in this widely circulated News Ltd article of 29 November 2012 (just two days before).  I do not believe this is an acceptable standard of journalism, and I also believe it breaches your Statement of Principles, namely:
Publications should take reasonable steps to ensure reports are accurate, fair and balanced. They should not deliberately mislead or misinform readers either by omission or commission.
Publications are free to advocate their own views and publish the bylined opinions of others, as long as readers can recognise what is fact and what is opinion. Relevant facts should not be misrepresented or suppressed, headlines and captions should fairly reflect the tenor of an article and readers should be advised of any manipulation of images and potential conflicts of interest.
Further, could you please expedite my previous complaint to you re Fairfax, which was lodged with you well over 2 months ago, and is still without any response from that publisher.

Regards, Mrs. Kim Bax