Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An open letter to Andrew Wilkie

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Addit - on Saturday 10 Nov 2012, the open letter below was posted to Andrew Wilkie MP's Facebook page.  Screen grab here.  Let's hope he doesn't delete it, or "Ban" the poster.  Will keep readers updated.

Dear Andrew,

I note you were very vocal in support of Allan Kessing (a retired senior customs officer), who was heavily victimised by the Australian Government for his open views on the appalling security situation at Australian airports. Congratulations on that - however, what I cannot understand is your resounding silence on the murder of whistle blowing senior Australian Protective Services officer Gary Lee Rogers (who also spoke out on horrific airport security breaches) - unless of course, like the coroner in this frightening case, you too believe people die of "Natural causes" in the presence of a bloodied knife?

Recent right to information requests have revealed the Australian Government carried out NO inquiry into the well documented thefts (and other matters), Gary Lee Rogers reported.  So did this extremely brave man die in vain?

You have also completely ignored Schapelle's terrible situation, despite the fact Allan Kessing very openly and clearly said she was innocent, and the unwitting victim of airport corruption.

Even New Idea magazine has more guts than you, because they spilled the beans on this appalling cover-up quite a few months ago - as did my own local newspaper. Further, Christine Assange openly supports the freedom of this innocent woman.

I look forward to hearing from you Andrew.  Your silence on these very serious matters is no longer acceptable.  You built your reputation on protecting whistle blowers, now live up to it.

Regards, Kim