Saturday, November 17, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An open letter to Kim Beazley, Australia's Ambassador to the USA & former Leader of the Federal Opposition

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Dear Kim,

I note your strident words about the extremely poor state of Australian airport security in 2005 - but what a difference 7 years make, plus the intervention of a gross media smear campaign, similar to the UK press debacle which hid the unlawful death of 96 people for 23 years. 

Now, as this explosive new documentary proves - plus the shocking further evidence that came to light just after it was released, Schapelle's innocent, and the victim of gross insider corruption that puts us all in danger.  I'm sure you remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster?

Maybe Schapelle (and all the passengers on her flight), were actually very lucky - that 4.2 kilos of marijuana could easily have been 4.2 kilos of Semtex.

Further, both Australia's New Idea Magazine (here) and Gold Coast Bulletin (here) reported these shocking facts earlier this year.

I'm also sure you'd be justifiably incensed if Australia punished foreign nationals far in excess of its own citizens, for the same crime - so I suggest you read this shocking information re the savage, completely unprecedented and highly discriminatory sentence Indonesia gave to Schapelle.

Look forward to hearing from you about this Kim, don't you think it's about time you stepped up to plate and accepted responsibility for your own rhetoric? 

Regards, Kim