Friday, December 28, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Anthony Albanese MP ignores gross corruption & crime at Sydney Airport

Letter to Anthony Albanese's local press (142 words), plus supporting evidence:

Dear Anthony Albanese MP (Minister for Transport),  I'm writing to you via your local press because all private attempts to get a response from you about the huge dangers facing the flying public in Australia have met a wall of silence.  You remember the Lockerbie aviation disaster (1988), when a terrorist bomb planted in luggage exploded, killing all aboard Pan Am Flight 103, and several on the ground? That's why we x-ray bags before they're loaded, so please respond to direct and and irrefutable proof Schapelle Corby's boogie board bag was illegally diverted from this vital process by corrupt insiders after she checked it in. No only that, this primary evidence of criminal activity at Sydney Airport was deliberately withheld from her Bali trial, and the Australian public.  The documentary about this, and the Government correspondence, can be viewed at

From: (Full name & contact details supplied)

And for your convenience and interest (if required), here is the background and evidence to those assertions:

Schapelle's unscreened bag reported by The Telegraph (December 2012)

Schapelle's unscreened bag reported by Channel 9 (December 2012, from point 3.19 of that clip)

Primary Government correspondence (and evidence), related to Schapelle's unscreened bag HERE.