Saturday, December 29, 2012

Schapelle Corby & Julia Gillard's crime cover-up: Letter to Editor (& info) just sent to HUNDREDS of local newspapers, all over Australia

Letter to the Editor - 113 words:

Gillard’s Government presides over a huge flow of guns and drugs into this country (via criminal staff), and she’s ignored calls for a Royal Commission from senior corruption fighters.  Her hypocrisy’s breathtaking. In 2005 (in opposition), senior ALP figures thundered about the brave revelations of whistleblowing customs officer Allan Kessing and demanded the release of his reports, to-day they bully him and point blank refuse to publish his findings. Now frighteningly, The Telegraph and Channel 9 tell us Schapelle’s bag was illegally diverted from x-ray screening (by corrupt workers), after she checked it in. So see the new documentary at about the dark tide of graft that threatens us all.

From: (full name & contact details supplied)

Background info & evidence (re this letter), for your information and interest if required:

Herald Sun, 21 December 2012: "Nation's watchdogs are asleep on the job"

Importation of guns, Gladstone Observer 20th December 2012:

Importation of drugs, Herald Sun 20th December 2012:

Calls for a Royal Commission into Customs (Dec 2012):

Top ALP figure Robert McLelland MP demands the release of Senior Custom Officer Allan Kessings’s reports (in 2005):

The persecution of Allan Kessing:

The ALP refuse to pardon Allan Kessing (Nov 2012):

The Telegraph reports Schapelle's unscreened bag 21 December 2012:

Channel 9 reports Schapelle's unscreened bag 23 December 2012 (from point 3.19 of this video clip):