Friday, December 7, 2012

Schapelle Corby - A message to Peter Bodkin of The Daily Telegraph & Rupert Murdoch

Dear Peter,

Re your most recent crap reporting, you work in a small, putrid and stinkingly corrupt media pond at the bottom of the World, that has just called attention to itself in the most tragic and high profile way imaginable.  You also work for a man who (along with all his other nefarious dealings), helped cover up the deaths of 96 people for 23 years.

He is universally hated, from one end of the Globe to the other, as evident on Twitter any time of the day or night.  Just search for "Rupert Murdoch" via that hugely popular micro-blogging service, and you'll find hundreds of people Tweeting vitriol about him every hour. That's why, just by replying to those individuals with this information about Murdoch's slimy Australian cover-up, I can get it re-tweeted to hundreds of thousands of people from all over the Planet, every day.  So in a word Peter, wake up and smell the roses.  I've got a bigger circulation than your rather tiny (by comparison), Australian outfit - and every time you continue with your crap, I'll use it (with bells on).

Regards, Kim