Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Schapelle Corby: Mike Rann, we're telling thousands of Brits every day about QANTAS criminality

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Hi Mike,

Guess you just received a very large number of Tweets to British Airways passengers? Saying this . . .
Warning: QANTAS baggage handlers smuggle cocaine in the bags of unwitting tourists http://qantasbaggagewarning.blogspot.com
Here's just one example (of many).  It happens everyday, morning, lunchtime and evening - plus of course, there are regular posting to Heathrow Airport's Facebook page like this. Every single day Schapelle remains in that hell hole, is an opportunity to tell hundreds of thousands more about the entrenched corruption and crime at QANTAS, and we're doing it with bells on.

And when the next explosive book hits the UK shelves, many more people will be asking this question - have any answers for them Mike?

Regards, Kim