Sunday, December 16, 2012

Schapelle Corby - An Open letter to Malcolm Turnbull MP re corruption on both sides of the Parliament

Dear Malcolm,

I note you created something of a Twitter storm to-day when you called Rupert Murdoch on his obvious and gross hypocrisy.  However, governing the country takes more than pithy words on a micro-blogging service, even if they're right - and even if Rupert Murdoch is a venal scumbag, with a long history of covering up corruption.

So if your Government is elected, do you commit to . . .
  • Mandating an inquiry into all the serious airport thefts reported by Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers, before he ended up dead? (Investigations have shown there were none)
Because I can assure you Malcolm, most Australians have more respect for sex workers than they have for politicians (or journalists), and local, independent anti-corruption candidates in crucial seats at the next election will cause you very serious headaches if you refuse to act.

Regards, Kim