Thursday, December 20, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Robert Oakeshott MP, it's time to lead, it's time for a Royal Commission

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Dear Robert,

Thank you for this brave invitation after appalling news about the gross corruption of Australian border security just keeps rolling in and expanding - and I also note this quote from your recent writings . . .

"In the House of Representatives, the best indicator of the mood of the majority in 2010, shows the electorate of Lyne voted Independent. They did so because of dissatisfaction with both Labor and the Coalition, and recognition that an Independent MP is a viable third option for community building, and for promoting real democracy."

Excellent words, and in the interests of promoting "Real democracy" and indelibly marking the history books with the vital importance of independent politicians, could you please speak to your colleagues (after examining the evidence), and demand a historic Royal Commission . . .

"If there is an issue with law enforcement at points of entry into this country that are allowing criminals to become stronger and more powerful, the Australian Government has got no option but to throw a commission of inquiry or royal commission behind it." Ross Fusca

You asked for our questions.  Here are 34 of them on You Tube and here they are for ease of reference - and here are some further ones . . .

35. Please ask Jason Clare MP about the fate of the Sydney Airport baggage handlers described here, and if they received no punishment, please ensure some (metaphorical), heads roll.

36. Please thoroughly investigate the huge (and shameful), amounts of Government money given to "Tom."

37.  Please investigate the allegedly corrupt police officers he threatened to name.

38.  Please investigate the airport thefts reported by Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers (inquiries have shown there were none) - and re-open a formal inquiry into his violent and unexplained death.

39. Please investigate the shameful witch hunt of Senior Customs Officer (retired), Allan Kessing and provide him with compensation.

That's about all for now Robert. I hope you're up to the task, this is history in the making.

Very warmest wishes, Kim