Monday, December 31, 2012

Schapelle Corby - Shredding QANTAS's commercial reputation on the international stage: A Message to Mike Rann & Alan Joyce

Click on the image to enlarge & read a direct message to the World's flying public.

Dear MikeAlan,

As this graphic info . . .

Warning 4 BA customers: QANTAS baggage handlers ferry drugs in unwitting passengers luggage

. . . is now continuously Tweeted to several hundred international airline passengers a week, as per this further graphic example, do you think it's time to rescue the airline's reputation and hold a Royal Commission, as per this very recent demand in the Australian press? I would also suggest doing whatever's necessary to get Schapelle out of that stinking hell hole as soon as possible, because every second more this extremely sick and abused woman is jailed for a crime she didn't commit, the already massive liability and blowback for QANTAS (and the Australian Government), increases - as per my recent conversation with James Larsen (Bob Carr's Principal Advisor).

You can no longer avoid the indisputable facts . . .

QANTAS baggage handlers helped to import 200 kilos of cocaine into Australia in 2004 (using innocent passengers as unwitting drug mules), and the Australian Government is (quite bizarrely and shamefully), refusing to respond to questions re their fate - and the next book about Schapelle (which will fly off retailers shelves all around the Globe faster than hotcakes), will scream headlines about it.

Further, the truth about Schapelle's unscreened luggage is now all over the Australian media as per December 2012 reports in The Telegraph, and on Channel 9. Quite apart from the huge significance this has for Schapelle's case, it's a massive and grossly dangerous breach of aviation security (see this grapic), which MUST be investigated as a matter of extreme urgency.

The lid is off. Now manage that reality like adults.

Regards, Kim