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Schapelle Corby - Top story on Australia's Indy Media: Wednesday 1 Jan 2014

Click on the above to enlarge & read a screen grab from the Independent Media Centre Australia of Wednesday 1 January 2014.  Here's the article - and here's more background

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The trauma of Schapelle Corby at Christmas

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Schapelle Corby - FLASHBACKS!!!!

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Flashback 1 HERE

Flashback 2 HERE

Flashback 3 HERE

Flashback 4 HERE

And more here . . .


Flashback: NOVEMBER 30TH 2005

Flashback: Law Council angered by AFP comments on Corby case


Flashback: 2008 - The Robin Tampoe Affair

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Schapelle Corby - Thank you Gerry Georgatos!!!!

(Addit 3 Jan 2014: Gerry's the top item on Google News)

Widely shared articles by Gerry via The Stringer . . .

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 9 – the abominable silence
25 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 8 – Australian airports rife with corruption
14 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 7 – today’s interview with Allan Kessing – an eye opener!
11 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 6 – today’s interview with William Moss
11 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 5 – the evidence of her innocence is overwhelming but Government stays silent
9 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 4 – WikiLeaks cables, Judges, Government officials say so
5 January 2014

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 3 – corruption and cowardice
31 Dec 2013

Expendable, the political sacrifice of Schapelle Corby 
30 Dec 2013

Schapelle Corby is innocent – part 2 – Operation Mocha
29 Dec 2013

Schapelle Corby is innocent
27 Dec 2013

And here's some detailed and in-depth background on Gerry, with a huge thank you to him HERE - and here's a brief quote from that thank you . . .

"Last week, Gerry Georgatos, well known justice campaigner, human rights advocate, and current NSW Government Multicultural Journalist of the Year, encountered something terrible. He looked at the cache of government material published on the Expendable Project website, and saw for himself something which was hard to face. 

He discovered what every member of this Facebook Group has discovered, and what those who are yet to join will discover: the truth about Schapelle Corby, and what we collectively refer to as the Australian establishment.

But unlike others who call themselves journalists, he didn't run for cover, seek excuses, tow the party line, or make himself scarce. He confronted it."

Schapelle Corby - Thank you Finland!!!

Widely shared details HERE & HERE & HERE

Schapelle Corby - Exposing the Fairfax slime bags

Hi David, (also widely shared on Facebook here)

The one who (quote): "Meditates on patterns in popular culture" and writes . . .

"Schapelle has had a troubled birth, with friends of the Corby family angrily attempting to block what they imagined would be a script critical of the beloved martyr. Abbie Cornish dropped out, so now we’ll have the opportunity to see if Krew Boylan can match the eyes, the hair and the madness. We’re promised new details on whether the “beauty student” was guilty, and who else was involved."

So "Mediate" on this pattern you pretentious dummy - because nasty little arseholes like yourself also wet their pants over this bizarre crap at the time - as the corporate cover-up at the heart of the scandal was hidden from public view.  Baby eating dingos aren't good for business, and neither are criminals masquerading as baggage handlers.

As for the "Friends" of the Corby family you refer to, it's actually over 17,000 people on Facebook - seems an awful lot of people to fit into the front room if you ask me - but then I'm just a nurse, and not a member of the zombie press.

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - Thank you Arifin Wardiyanto, you put Australia's human rights industry to shame

Widely shared details HERE & HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Michael Colbran QC: Why are you and The Law Council so deathly silent now?

Widely shared details HERE

The Law Council of Australia retreats into a shell, after one of the most shameful media smear campaigns (against a innocent woman), in modern history - despite their strident remarks of 2005.

Schapelle Corby & the bizarre, insightless rants of Madonna King and NewsCorp

Widely shared details HERE

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Schapelle Corby & the squalor of the Australian Government

Very widely shared details HERE & Tweeted to Julie Bishop MP HERE

Schapelle Corby - A 10th Christmas of flagrant abuse

Very widely shared post HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Two days after the 25th anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster, let's ask why QANTAS Airlines STILL carries unscreened bags

Letter to Warren Truss MP, Australia's Minister for Infrastructure and Transport . . . (also widely shared on Facebook HERE)

Dear Warren,

Can you please explain how and why QANTAS Airlines is STILL carrying unscreened bags, as seen in this documentary and proved in this Australian Government correspondence.

I note just two days ago, on the 21 December 2013, it was the 25th anniversary of the Lockerbie air disaster - with more details on that terrorist outrage HERE. I also note that criminal staff and unscreened luggage were major contributing factors.

And shockingly, here's a December 2013 quote from ABC Australia (emphasis added) . . .

“Abu Suhaib, known to the authorities as Bilal Khazal, a former baggage handler for QANTAS, trained at a military camp in Afghanistan and a confidante of Osama Bin Laden.”

Regards, Kim

Schapelle Corby - More and more candles in the dark . . .

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Widely shared support (from left to right) 1. HERE 2. HERE 3. HERE 4. HERE 5. HERE 6. HERE 7.  HERE 8. HERE 9. HERE 10. HERE 11. HERE 12. HERE 13. HERE 14. HERE 15. HERE 16. HERE 17. HERE 18. HERE 19. HERE 20. HERE 21. HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Michael Bachelard & Fairfax Media scrabble to cover their tracks

Click on the pic above (to enlarge it) & access a very recent screen grab from this new article about Schapelle (also saved as a web archive at the time).  As you can see, the screen grab states Schapelle was found with 8.2 kilos of marijuana (completely exaggerated and incorrect), while the on-line article's NOW amended to state 4.2 kilos of marijuana (correct) - after this complaint.

However, Fairfax Media is not getting out of this without a public, printed apology, of equal prominence to the original article - which would have been circulated in hard copy to a lot of people.  Complaints are still underway (in expectation of the same), to Fairfax and the Press Council.

Addit - Also widely shared on Facebook HERE

Schapelle Corby - Lex Lasry, another compromised & indifferent member of Australia's human rights industry?

Lex Lasry thinks getting caught with several kilos of heroin strapped to your body on the way OUT of Bali is roughly the same as QANTAS baggage handlers stashing 4.2 kilos of marijuana in an innocent tourist's bag, heading INTO Bali - at least, that's what he seems to be saying here.

No-one wants to see ANYONE executed, but Schapelle's case has nothing to do with the circumstances of the Bali 9 - except of course, it's "Fashionable" for Australia's human rights industry to speak out on their behalf, while completely abandoning an innocent woman and ignoring the squalid domestic corruption that sent her to hell . . . So here's some advice & questions for Lex . . .

Watch this documentary.

How the hell do you explain your silence on THIS new outrage, Indonesian politicians screaming for Schapelle's blood because of the latest spying debacle?

Are you just another human rights "Fashionista" Lex?

Please read what I recently wrote to Julian Burnside.

What's your reaction to this starkly simple and common sense information?

Was Occam smarter than you Lex?

How come QANTAS baggage handlers can import 200 kilos of cocaine and stay out of jail?

And here's some breaking news about baggage handler crime Lex (late 2013), HERE and HERE - so tell me after perusing that, are you game to leave your airline luggage unlocked? Because one of Australia's top cops, Ray Cooper, thinks you're a fool if you do - as does senior customs officer (now retired), Allan Kessing.  Senior Australian Protective Services Officer Gary Lee Rogers wouldn't be too impressed either, but he can't say much now because he's dead.

Lastly, innocent Australian couple Steve & Dee could probably give you some advice too - because they nearly ended up in the same situation as Schapelle, as confirmed in this letter to Alexander Downer from Kevin Rudd

The Melbourne Age lies about Schapelle Corby - Saturday 21 December 2013

A letter to Michael Bachelard & The Melbourne Age (also widely shared on Facebook HERE)

Good evening,

Re your article of Saturday 21 Dec 2013 about Schapelle, I note you state:

"Since Corby's arrest for smuggling 8.2 kilograms of marijuana in her boogie board bag, her case has been a hobby horse for politicians and anti-drug groups in Indonesia keen to strike blows against President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's allegedly pro-Australian bias."

. . . which nearly doubles the true amount found in her unlocked bag, which was just 4.2 kilos of marijuana.  Though in the light of Fairfax's previous lies, omissions and distortions re Schapelle, this kind of bizarre inaccuracy is hardly surprising.

Please expect a formal complaint to The Australian Press Council about this very soon, plus a phone call to your editor's office on Monday 23 Dec 2013.

Regards, Kim

PS - So I guess it's hardly surprising Australia's zombie press is going down the tubes at a rate of knots.

Addit - Breaking news 22 Dec 2013, Fairfax media scrabble to cover their tracks

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Schapelle Corby - Thank you Suzzan Koina for speaking the truth and reaching millions of Australian women

Widely shared details HERE

Freedom for Schapelle Corby now!!!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.  People for Schapelle HERE

Schapelle Corby - Lighting candles everywhere for her freedom

Widely shared HERE

Widely shared HERE
Widely shared HERE

Widely shared HERE 

Schapelle Corby - 2013 footage of baggage handlers stealing from checked-in luggage

Widely shared details HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Turn off Channel 9

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Schapelle Corby - Light a candle to free Schapelle

Widely shared details HERE

Schapelle Corby - A course in ethics for Kate Langbroek

Click on the above extract from Schapelle's book to enlarge and read her scathing assessment of Kate Langbroek's squalidly dishonest and vicious behaviour.

Hi Kate,

Here's some bedtime reading for you, the Code of Ethics you obviously use to wipe your arse with.  It's time to splash out and buy bog roll instead . . .

It's also time to digest some in-your-face common sense - though with your nasty (though profitable), lynch mob mentality I guess you find flame-bearing rabbles more comfortable and familiar.

But you know what? The irony is, you sniffed around Schapelle's skirt like some desperate mangy dog because you know she's a million times more interesting (and recognisable), to the Australian public than your dull narcissism.  I'm tempted to call you a has been, but quite honestly, it's more like a never was . . .

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - A letter to Julian Burnside: Why are you ignoring human rights abuses and corruption?

Addit: Julian is in receipt of full contact details for a reply. Addit - and here's a REPLY from Julian, with a response to him HERE

Addit - and some further commentary from Kathryn Holder, which goes to the heart of this issue.  Schapelle has been so successfully labelled and smeared by the corporate media (a well-known process skillfully described here via Media Lens), that the "Fashionistas" of Australia's human rights industry are too scared to get their hands dirty.  Let's face it, if you go to aid of the bullied kid in the schoolyard, you might just get a smack in the mouth too . . .

Dear Julian (From Kim Bax),

I wrote this to you 16 months ago - and you chose to ignore it (and Schapelle), completely.  This innocent woman has now been incarcerated in the most appalling conditions for over 9 years - and she's most certainly innocent, here's the documentary (and here's further leaks since then) - and here's a description of the savagery Briton Rachel Dougall endured in Kerobokan Prison (also described by author Kathryn Bonella), which Schapelle's STILL suffering. No wonder she's psychotically depressed and suicidal.

But quite apart from her innocence, the 20 year term is hugely discriminatory and widely out of line with normal sentencing in Indonesia (for similar offences) - as seen in this fax from her Indonesian lawyer. Further, Indonesian politicians are now screaming for her blood, on fire with the desire to use her as a political punching bag.

If Australia jailed foreigners far longer than their own citizens (for similar offences), then threatened to punish them for the slights of their native Government, you'd be howling with indignation and public outrage within hours (and rightly so). So why are you so silent about Schapelle Julian?  Has she been the nation's object of derision (and deliberate mud flinging), for so long, you no longer notice? Did you know they wanted to hang Lindy Chamberlain too? And it was once very fashionable to shit on this viciously bereaved mother from a great height? While the media, in their keen desire not to expose the corporate greed at the heart of Lindy's shameful treatment, even (quite literally), accused of her witchcraft.

In a similar vein, I guess drug smuggling baggage handlers like this aren't very good for business, are they Julian? Kinda tarnishes the shiny corporate image . . .

So, to sum up - I want a clear public response from you on this (ASAP), considering you had plenty of "Time" for both David Hicks and Julian Assange.  They way things stand at the moment (and with current developments), Schapelle could easily come home in a box.

Lastly, all other formal human rights organisations in Australia are ignoring this travesty too - here's the evidence.  Could you please raise a public response from any of them? Because my repeated phone calls and letters are ignored.

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle SOS - Broken & suicidal

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Schapelle Corby - What happened to corrupt cop Mariani?

Also widely shared on Facebook HERE

Dear Scott (cc Tony Abbott),

I note this recent article (27 Nov 2013), about your commitment to "Weed out" corrupt customs officials - so you must agree jailing corrupt police who also severely compromise border security is of prime importance? Or do they just get a slap on wrist, and no "Porridge"?

And BTW, you may be interested in Larry Pickering's new take on this "Border security" charade, via his Facebook page.  It was "Liked" 269 times and shared over a 100 times.

So Scott, how much jail time did corrupt NSW cop Mariani get? Because he was named in these leaked New South Wales Crime Commission meeting minutes. And we're going to keep on asking that key question (very publicly), until we get an answer.  So I suggest you get on the blower to your mate Barry O'Farrell and ask him.

Those leaked documents also prove small time criminal William Moss was telling the truth about Schapelle, as explained to millions of Australian woman in this New Idea article and this one - and in more detail here.  That's why millions of Aussie woman want Schapelle home NOW.

Look forward to hearing from you Scott.

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby & Thrashing the media cover-up on the social media

Click on the image to enlarge and read the screen grab.  Here's the thread, and here's the commentary & link:

Yep Russell Brand is brilliant - and here's a reply to him from Australia https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=552119381536194&set=a.119032021511601.28637.117859211628882&type=1&relevant_count=1

Also posted to similar threads everywhere . . .

Bill Bragg's thread - 156,262 people "Like" this page 

Occupy Wall Street Journals's thread - 27,437 people "Like" this page

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Schapelle Corby & clearing away the cobwebs

Very widely shared details HERE

Schapelle Corby & Bill Shorten . . .

Click on the image above to enlarge & read it. Great work Stephen!!!!! And here's a note to Bill Shorten . . . (also widely shared on Facebook HERE)

Hi Bill - I wonder if you can stop counting the dollars the ALP gets from Macquarie Bank long enough to realise the corporation that's up to it's grubby neck in this scandal has got to grow up, face the filth and deal with it.  Some heads must roll (in the end), and you'll have to look like you're doing something.

So now you have this explosive document (2nd page here), directly in your hot little hands and this one - and you do realise (of course), that BOTH will be published in Schapelle's next book? The full background is here and here.

I also suggest you check out the #qantascrims Bill, because the rest of the World is, everyday.

Regards, Kim

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Schapelle Corby - Good On'ya Russell Brand . . .

Widely shared details HERE and HERE

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Schapelle Corby - Australia still burns witches

Widely shared details HERE